Coaching for Creative Wellness Community Survey 2023

I so appreciate you taking the time to fill out this survey. (All results are confidential, of course.) 

Your feedback is so helpful, and most of all, I want to make stuff that is useful to you, so thanks for helping me do that! 🙏💗

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What is your main creative goal right now? *
What is the thing you are struggling with most right now in reaching that goal?
What’s your preferred way to learn and/or receive creative support?
Getting more specific, which of these elements would be helpful for you to invest in?
Is there any other kind of offering you wish I would create (or create more of)?
If so, tell me more about what you’d want that offering to look like (for example, live vs. asynchronous, length of time, # of people, including 1:1 calls, etc.)
What would be your main goal(s) in seeking creative support?
If you’re someone who struggles to follow through with your creative projects and/or your task list, what form of accountability would best help you do that?
(For example: regular check-ins in a group or online community, email reminders, etc.)
What do you like best about reading my Creative Wellness Letters or listening to the Being A Whole Person podcast?

How does it help you?
What kind of content are you most interested in?
What’s the most exciting thing that you’re working on right now? 🎉

Anything else that you want to share or elaborate on?

I’m listening! 😀


I’m very grateful for your time and attention, and am happy to give you some of mine!

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