Farmer in the Classroom 2017-2018 Teacher Request Form
Thank you for your interest in the Agrarian Adventure's Farmer in the Classroom program. We ask that all teachers who would like to schedule a visit to their classroom fill out this form. You will be contacted via email or phone to schedule a visit. Each year we receive more teacher requests than we can fill, although we try to schedule as many visits as we can. We appreciate your patience.
You are a teacher at which AAPS Elementary School? *
What grade level do you teach? *
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We encourage teacher coordination within each building when possible, to help reach many students through this program each year. Are you interested in, or already coordinating with other teachers in your building?
If yes to previous question, please tell us additional teachers' name/s, email addresses, and the number of students in their classroom/s.
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Are you interested in...?
If you answered "one presentation given to combined classrooms" above, what space in the building would be large enough to accommodate a group of more than one classroom?
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What is your room number?
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How many students are in your classroom?
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Is there a location in your school building that the farmer and volunteers can wash and cut vegetables in preparation for taste-testings for about an hour prior to their class presentation?
Are there any students with food allergies or special needs relevant for the farmer to know prior to this visit? If yes, please explain.
What do you hope your students will learn from having a farmer visit your classroom? Is there a topic you're studying or any specific learning goal you would like this visit to support?
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Is your classroom able to provide the visiting farmer or food steward with a $30 stipend per class of ~25-30 students at the time of their visit? *Please note that this stipend covers only a small portion of the total cost each visit. Participating farmers donate their time and often their product to share.
How many adult classroom volunteers would you expect to have available to help the farmer with this visit?
Please provide a phone number we can reach you at outside of school hours in case of cancellation or emergency.
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Please indicate the best times throughout the week for a farmer visit to your classroom (check all that apply).
Visits typically last 60-75 minutes.
Is there a time of year that you would prefer to have a farmer visit your classroom? (We will do our best to accommodate your preference, subject to farmer availability.)
Please include any additional questions, comments, or feedback here.
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