"I am the WIFE" Wait List
I come from a broken home where I never saw a picture of what a healthy marriage looked like, nor was I surrounded by couples that inspired me. When I started dating, all I had was the example of what NOT to do and the reliance of the Holy Spirit.

15 years into relationship with my husband, I have a thriving marriage - and when I say I'm happily married, I mean it! Now, I want to give you all the tools I uncovered on my journey to help you cultivate the thriving marriage you deserve.

As your personal coach in this 3 month virtual program, I'll uncover, empower, and teach you how to become the wife your husband needs and wants. BUT beware: you’ll also discover the power and influence you hold to catapult or kill his destiny! Consequently, I’ll be teaching you how to dominate and regulate your power and influence.

We'll cover topics like: Your identity and assignment, Your insecurities and enemies, Communicating and regulating your emotions, What your husband wants and needs from you, Satisfying your husband (sexually, physically, and emotionally), Your influence and power, and more!

This program is for women who desire to build a thriving marriage. It’s perfect for anyone who is single and ready to meet Mr. Right, in a committed relationship, engaged, or married. In this program, I’m going to work alongside you in real time and we’re going to DO THE WORK together!

If you can do the work, I can help you become the unmatched WIFE (Woman Imparting Favor Everyday).
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