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What is Coffee4Craig?
Firstly we would like to say a huge thank you for taking an interest in the work we do.

Volunteers are integral to the running of our little charity and everyone’s contribution is valued. Everything we do is with volunteers giving up their time and dedicating energy to making the world a better place for everyone. This is why we do what we do.

Coffee4Craig started in September 2013, when Craig passed away on the streets of Cardiff.
Since then we have become a much bigger project and charity than we first anticipated and it keeps growing with more and more extending projects and new aspects all the time, so there is lots to keep everyone busy!!

Coffee4Craig supports vulnerable people experiencing homelessness, hardship and crisis by providing essential items such as advice, food, showers and some dignity. We enable support to access to specialist services, mental health services, appointments with vital medical services, searching for accommodation, buddy systems and accommodation where possible or practical.

All volunteers are supported by the wider team and we aim to make sure that you will find your time with us satisfying and rewarding. YOUR mental health and well being are vital to enable you to fulfil your role with us. We want to help you look after you too.
Recruitment & Selection
Coffee4Craig is an equal opportunities charity, we are happy to discuss any concerns you may have with regard to applying, just drop Kerry an email - In line with new GDPR legislation we will protect your identity and all information pertaining to you WILL NOT BE shared with any 3rd parties. Your personal information is held online in a secure data protected cloud. We are happy to share the Coffee4Craig Data Protection Policy with you, prior to application via email request; (You will be asked to agree or disagree to this statement at the bottom of the form)

We will base our selection on the ability of each applicant to fulfil the role in question. Successful applicants will then be invited to attend an induction to discuss available volunteering positions. This can be done remotely using zoom or in limited numbers face to face.

Please note: a DBS check will be required for Coffee4Craig volunteers (unless registered with the DBS update service). Any previous convictions will still be considered (subject to the nature of the conviction). DBS application forms will be available and will need to be completed at the induction.

The cost of the DBS checks is £16 for those employed, £10 for students and concessionary and £5 for unemployed. This will be refunded to you once you have volunteered on a regular basis for 3 months

All Coffee4Craig volunteers must be aged 18 years and over.
If you are suitable, what can you expect?
As a Coffee4Craig volunteer you will receive a full induction to welcome you to the organisation and discuss roles. We will introduce you, via face to face or online, to our Senior Liaison Workers and Team Leaders.

The Senior Liaison Workers & Team Leader will be based at the project in which your volunteering will take place and you will have access to the relevant private social media groups. This is to enable open communication with regards to issues and attendance.

• To offer equal opportunities to everyone who wants to volunteer
• To match your skills and experiences with the right role
• To offer appropriate training and support for your role
• To celebrate success and recognise loyalty and dedication
• To provide information about the work C4C do and access to our policies and procedures
• To reimburse out of pocket expenses if requested using the request form or email.

Equal Opportunities
Coffee4Craig believes that all people should be treated with respect and positively values diversity. We recognise and accept our obligations under the Equality Act 2010. Volunteers are therefore protected from all forms of unlawful discrimination while volunteering with Coffee4Craig.

Training and Development
We want you to get the most out of your volunteering and will provide you with some in house training (when available). As your volunteering progresses, there will be opportunities to discuss further training opportunities. Some volunteer roles may require some extra initial external training.

We will provide you with, by request, any of our documented policies relating to volunteering.

Health & Safety, Confidentiality, Expenses & Insurance.
Health and Safety
At Coffee4Craig, we are committed to providing a safe working environment for all staff and volunteers. As part of your induction, we will give you Health and Safety information specific to the project where you will be volunteering. In turn, we ask that our volunteers maintain a safe working environment and remember, everyone is responsible for health and safety.

We take confidentiality very seriously.
As a volunteer, we ask that you work with us to ensure that any information that is available to you in the course of your volunteering is kept confidential. This includes information about guests, other volunteers or information sharing in public spaces. There is only 1 rule with discussing personal information - Do not do it.
You may discuss sensitive information via the private groups and with Senior Liaison Workers & Team Leaders but you are not to repeat outside of the group or discuss guests details/information with other guests in ANY circumstance.

Volunteers are entitled to reclaim reasonable out of pocket expenses, such as travel costs. Payment of expenses must be authorised by the Senior Liaison Workers /Team Leader in advance and receipts will be required.

Volunteers are covered by Coffee4Craig insurance while volunteering within the normal available roles and during events.
Using your own vehicle
Volunteers who use their own car in the course of their volunteering must come to an agreement with their own car insurance company. We advise all volunteers to never take a guest in their car at anytime. This action can result in disciplinary action being taken.
What we expect from you.
• To maintain a NON JUDGEMENTAL approach at all times when working with our guests
• To support, respect and adhere to our organisations policies and guidelines
• To maintain high standards of reliability, professionalism and enthusiasm in your volunteering
• To act responsibly and within the law at all times
• To let the Senior Liaison Worker, (SLW) or Team Leader (TL) know if there are any issues regarding volunteering so that together you can find a solution
• To let the SLW or TL know if there are any changes in your personal circumstances that may
affect your volunteering, this includes the immediate notification of any criminal proceedings.
No Alcohol and/or Drugs are to be used prior to or during your volunteering session.

Coffee4Craig has a no smoking, drinking & drug policy in place across the organisation. At each Coffee4Craig facility we ask that you use the designated areas for smoking cigarettes or if unavailable you stand away from other volunteers or guests. Any volunteer found under the influence of alcohol or drugs, legal or illegal will be asked to leave and may face disciplinary action, this can include legal action for illegal drugs.

Resolving concerns
From time to time, you may have concerns about a certain aspect of your volunteering. We urge you to bring these concerns to the attention of the SLW or TL as soon as they arise. This way, we can look for a suitable solution together. No issue is too small but if left they can become too big to rectify, so please discuss the small stuff.

This introduction letter is borne out of the policies and procedures that Coffee4Craig have developed, which cover both guests and volunteers during their time with us. If you have any comments or concerns do not hesitate to get in touch

Tel: 07543 590330 or 07973 955003

Thank you for taking the time to think about helping others, we look forward to meeting you soon.

With respect,
Hendrix & Risha
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