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Pastel Goth is a special place. Our community is CURATED to be spam free, only advertise vetted small businesses, and only allow wholesome content. We are INCLUSIVE, and do not discriminate or gatekeep. We provide a SAFE SPACE full of kindness and friendship, where you can be yourself, and of course, you can trust us to always put our VALUES FIRST in everything we do!
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Plz enter the email account you want to use for all further PGO communication, including important updates-like changes to our Community Guidelines- and our weekly newsletter! (and make sure to enter our email,, into your addy book so stuff doesnt end up in spam!)
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Membership Agreements
I agree to follow the Community Guidelines as written on the PG website: *
If I have a question, problem or idea, I understand that I need to use the Member Feedback Options in the Community Guidelines to connect with PG admin & mods. *
I understand that PG is not designed for scroll-by content consumption, and that what I get out of being a part of this community depends on what I put into it! I agree to participate in the community to the best of my ability, in healthy, wholesome & proactive ways! *
I understand that PG is not run by bots or evil corporate overlords, but by a compassionate team of people that care about me very much! I agree to treat PG admin, staff, mods and volunteers with kindness and respect always. *
PGO Policies
1) We reserve the right to terminate any membership without warning or explanation, for any reason, including but not limited to:
~Disrespect of, or unkindness to, another member, a mod, admin or staff.
~Unethical or immoral behaviour of any kind, online or otherwise.
~Failure to follow the Community Guidelines.
~Failure to provide monthly or annual membership fees.

2) If your membership has been terminated from our community platform (currently Facebook) it is your responsibility to end your membership support from your Buy Me a Coffee account. We are not liable if you forget to end your membership and are charged another monthly fee. We cannot offer refunds.

3) Our weekly emailed newsletter will contain important membership updates. If you choose to not read these emails, they end up in spam, your email address was not input correctly, or your email address changes and you do not inform us, we are not responsible for any of the information that failed to relay.

4) Our community is bound to the policies of the platforms we currently utilize, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Buy Me a Coffee, and others, as well as local and federal laws. We cannot alter, negate or override any of these, even if the law or policy does not align with our values. As a Values-First community, we will always use the best options possible, but there are often no ethical options under Capitalism.

5) If we do find a more ethical platform to support our community, all PGO members will be told as soon as possible. We will give all PGO members as much advanced notice as we can before transferring our community, but cannot guarantee any specific amount of time.

6) Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds, but if you land in Facebook jail for an unfair reason for more than 7 days, you can email us and we will help you continue your membership with a backup account until your primary account is restored!

7) Any time you provide us with information, unless it is specified for publication, your information stays private (in office only) will not be sold for data mining, and you will never be discriminated against for any information you choose to share.

Member Agreement
1) I agree to notify of any changes in my personal information.

2) I understand that PGO membership is offered without any guarantee of results of any kind. I agree that any results of my membership, whether positive or negative, are due to my own personal choices.

3) I understand that my participation in PGO and the Pastel Goth community may involve risks, and that these risks may cause harm tangible or intangible. I understand that these risks involve the actions of myself and others. I understand and willingly accept these risks.

4) I agree to hold and its owners, affiliates and representatives harmless from any damage, whether tangible or intangible, that may happen to me while participating in PGO membership.

5) I agree to defend and indemnify, its owners and affiliates, and hold them harmless against any and all legal claims and demands.

6) I am over 18 years old and may legally consent to and enter into this agreement.
Plz confirm age of legal consent *
I have read and agree to the PGO Policies and Member Agreement! *
So many aspects of PG have been inspired by member experience and input. We care about each and every member, and we'd love to know more about your experience in Pastel Goth!
How did you hear about Pastel Goth? *
What do you hope to gain or experience as a PGO member? *
What would you like to see more of in PG in the future? *
Already been a member for awhile? We'd love to hear about your experiences in PG!
If you filled out the previous box, would you allow us to use your answer & first name on our website, social media and/or advertising, to help describe our community to potential members?
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