Servant Staff Application
First of all, thanks for the great work you've done at Camp of the Hills that has led to your consideration for a Servant Staff counselor position in 2020.

This form will help the Camp of the Hills staff decide which of our candidates to confirm as Servant Staff counselors for 2020. In addition to this application, the staff will interview candidates to build a team of six people with varied skill-sets, strengths, weaknesses, locations (for recruiting!), and years of experience.

If you are offered and accept this position, you will begin coordinating with Drew and other staff to help with recruiting, curriculum development, and other pre-summer planning. The expectation will be that all Servant Staff counselors will average one hour of Camp of the Hills-related work per week. That hour could be any number of things, from talking to a potential new recruit about camp to helping write a Bible study for next summer.

During the summer, Servant Staff counselors are expected to aid the Program Staff in training counselors before Week 1, help mediate small conflicts between counselors, serve as an example and point-person in their respective cabin unit, and to bring important information to the attention of the Program Staff to keep camp running smoothly. Much of this coordination is done during meetings with the Program Staff which occur throughout the week.

If you are not offered a Servant Staff counselor position, don't worry! We value the work you've put in here at Camp of the Hills and will be excited to receive your counselor application. Not being selected as a Servant Staff counselor should not be taken as a negative reflection on you or the work you've done here, because there are a plethora of factors that go into selecting people for these positions.

You can expect to hear back from the staff in August as we set times for interviews. Thanks again for applying and we look forward to talking to you soon!
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Are you available to work full-summer in 2020?
How long/in what ways have you been involved with Camp of the Hills?
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What do you think are three of your biggest strengths as a counselor?
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What do you think are three of your biggest weaknesses as a counselor?
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How do you plan to address those weaknesses as a counselor next summer?
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Based on your experience, what do you think are the most important facets of being a Servant Staff counselor?
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Please describe a time when you had a conflict with another counselor, including how you worked to resolve the issue.
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Servant Staff counselors often are tasked with helping train new counselors in how things work here at Camp of the Hills. Sometimes this means having co-counselors who have been struggling to be consistent or are needing extra help meeting expectations. How would you work to help co-counselors become the best they can be?
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If I were to ask other counselors about how they would feel about you as a Servant Staff counselor, what do you think they would say, both good and bad?
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