Young Chefs Program: Initial Curriculum Request
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We ask that all educators who use our resources please fill out the following form to give us a better idea of how and where our lesson plans are being used, and how we can support you in the process. By submitting this form you agree to allow us to write about your usage of our lesson on our website.

After your responses are reviewed you will receive an email to the email address indicated in the form. This email will contain instructions about how to access an initial set of 6 lesson plans.

If you want to access the full curriculum: after using at least 1 of the lesson plans part of the initial set, you should email to ask about how to access the full 25 lesson curriculum. We will ask that you fill out a brief form sharing your experiences with the lesson plan.

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Which 6 lesson plans are you planning to use initially? *
Check all that apply. Lessons are described as: Scientific Concept (Culinary Experiment). You will receive 6 lesson plans as part of the initial request.
I understand that I will be able to request additional lesson plans upon documenting my use of at least one of the 6 lessons that I get through this request *
After using at least one lesson plan, you can email saying that you have used it and we will send directions for how to access the full 25-lesson plan curriculum
Have you read and understood the terms of use and distribution under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License? *
The license states that you may not use our materials for commercial purposes and may not distribute modified materials. For a full description, see the following link: 
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