2018 Walk-A-Thon Registration Form 聖德力慈善步行籌款 9/29/2018
Fundraising Incentives籌款激勵:
$50 - Walk-A-Thon T-shirt 恤衫
$75 - T-shirt + Lunch 恤衫 + 午餐
$150 - $10 Gift Card + T-shirt + Lunch $10禮券 + 恤衫 + 午餐

Donors will match top 5 walkers up to $1000 each walker 特別捐助者將會匹配前5名的步行者籌款,$1000上限。

Invite a new walker(s)? It means a FREE T-shirt to you and your friend or more. 邀請新的步行者? 你和你的朋友將會得到免費T恤。
Please provide your friend's name below. 請在下面提供你朋友的姓名。
Personal Fundraising Goal 個人籌款目標: $ *
I can't walk.... 我不能加入...
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Team Name 隊名 :
Consider joining a team today. Together you'll raise more money and have a great time.
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Are you walking with your pet? 你和寵物一起走嗎? *
Bless of animal starts at 9am 動物祝福於上午9點開始
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