Plan for Problem Solving
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After watching the Yay Math video on this concept, take this quiz to see how much you've learned! See the results right when you're done, AND, there's even an option to send the results to an email of your choice. Good luck, no pressure, and YAY MATH!

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The driving distance between Dallas, TX and Austin, TX is approximately 200 miles. Suppose our average driving speed is 70 miles per hour. Based only on the given information, what's one question we could ask and answer ourselves? *
Reminder: the question we can ask and answer must be based on the given information only.
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Based on the information from the previous exercise, which statement is true? *
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Suppose we need 10 gallons of gas to get from Dallas to Austin. How many miles per gallon can our car drive? *
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Suppose a recipe calls for 1.2 grams of vanilla extract. If I have 6 grams of vanilla extract, how many times can I bake this particular dish? *
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Suzie gets $20 from mom to frolic at the mall. At the mall, Suzie sees that pizza costs $5.25, a drink costs $2.25, arcade time costs $8, and ice cream costs $4.75. Does Suzie have enough money on her to make this trip to the mall a glorious one? *
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