ENGG 4930A: Design for Global Health
Post course survey (Feb 2018)
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Only the aggregate results based on the entire class (e.g. average scores) will be calculated towards data analysis. No individual responses will be highlighted for further assessment.

Please answer honestly. Thank you.

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Just so that we can track your response later at the end of the project course, we won't know who you are.
Just so that we can track your response later at the end of the project course, we won't know who you are.
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1. I care about what I can do for the betterment of our world. *
2. I can communicate with people from different academic disciplines effectively. *
3. I like producing things that cater to the needs of a particular person or group. *
4. My university offers me the chance to explore the outside world and broaden my horizons. *
5. I enjoy solving an unfamiliar or previously unseen challenge. *
6. Being open to different cultural beliefs is important for understanding other people and learning new things. *
7. The “user-centred design” thinking process is an effective tool for generating ideas and creating products. *
8. I follow the latest news regularly and keep up with current international issues. *
9. I find it hard to interact with others in unfamiliar settings. *
10. Promoting equality and social justice are important for a global citizen. *
11. Designers have the best knowledge of and vision on how a product should be produced. *
12. My university contributes to the betterment of our world with its research, innovation and community services. *
13. I try to mix well with others under different social situations, or in a new environment. *
14. I believe I can use my skills and knowledge to help the needy in other societies. *
15. Communication styles are more or less similar between cultures. *
16. When working in a team, I will raise questions and seek explanation if there are concepts in another academic area that I can’t understand. *
17. I try to avoid stereotypes, bias and prejudices when communicating with people of other cultures. *
18. I enjoy brainstorming for innovative ideas to lead or help others in solving their problems. *
19. Using disciplinary-specific terms/jargons to explain concepts in my academic field is convenient. *
20. My perspectives may not be shared by people with different cultural backgrounds. *
21. I am proud of what this university has helped me to achieve so far. *
22. I do not think I can make a difference to this world. *
23. My university allows me to explore my interest and do something meaningful for our society. *
24. I will be frustrated if I cannot use what I have learnt before to solve a problem. *
25. The needs, demands and limitation of end users of a product should be considered when designing a product. *
26. I like to learn how different students in other disciplines perceive the same issue as I do. *
27. I feel comfortable to learn and adapt to a new environment. *
28. When communicating with people from other countries, I try to think from their point of view. *
29. I do not believe that my university is globally appealing. *
30. Classmates from different educational backgrounds see things differently, which helps the team to search for the best solution. *
31. What is the best aspect of the course? Why?
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32. What kind of skills and knowledge have you acquired after the completion of this course?
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33. What aspects of this course need improvement? Any suggestions?
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