F-16 noise survey for Fall 2020 - English.
Welcome to our first F-16 fighter jet noise survey for Fall 2020, hosted by Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin. Our coalition of local and state organizations was created to stop the deployment of a squadron of new generation F-35A Joint Strike Fighter jets at Truax Air National Guard base in Madison, and to force clean-up of existing contamination of our water supply, streams and lakes due to PFAS discharged by the local airport and Guard.

Your survey response will be compiled and shared with you, the public and officials from Madison, Dane County Board, County Airport and Truax Field. We hope the survey will have a high participation rate so that we can conclusively show to our community leaders, the Air Force and the Air National Guard that existing fighter jet noise is already undesirable and disruptive. Deploying the far louder F-35 jets will only reduce our health and quality of life further. Our leaders need to understand that the current mission of the Truax Air National Guard is not compatible with a densely populated urban area.

Thank you for participating in this survey and sharing your experiences and concerns. Please share this survey with your friends, family, your churches, businesses that you frequent! We need everyone who is impacted by the F-16 and proposed F-35 fighter jets to participate. Please contact us if you would like to participate in our events or join our coalition to reverse the Air Force decision to deploy the F-35 fighter jets to our community. Visit our web site for more information: https://www.safeskiescleanwaterwi.org/

We are asking for your email address so we can share survey results with you and so you can edit your responses if necessary. We will not publish your email address.  View a summary of results here: https://www.safeskiescleanwaterwi.org/f-16-noise-survey-results/
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On the days when the F-16 fighter jets are active, how many times per day on average do the jets interrupt your day?
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Do you think the Dane County Airport and Truax Air National Guard base should pay for noise mitigation such as insulating or relocating homes and businesses? *
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Do you oppose the deployment of the proposed F-35 fighter jets to Truax Field in Madison? *
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Have you ever filed a F-16 fighter jet and/or commercial flight noise complaint with the Dane County Airport or Truax Field? https://www.safeskiescleanwaterwi.org/report-airport-noise/ *
If you have filed a noise complaint, what kind of response(s) have you received? If you have but have stopped, why have you stopped? If you've never filed a report, why not?  https://www.safeskiescleanwaterwi.org/report-airport-noise/
We invite you to share stories of your experiences living with the F-16 fighter jets. Some ideas:
• How do you feel when you hear the jets, does it bother you?
• Do you have to stop what you are doing and wait for them to go by while in a conversation?
• How do you react when the jets are directly above you or close by?
• How do your children react to the noise?
• How do your pets react to the noise?
• Are feelings and experiences from past trauma (such as combat experience or other violence) triggered when the jets fly over? What is that experience like? How long does it take for you to recover?
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