Safe Art Space Survey
Please leave blank any question that is not applicable to you or you choose not to answer. Please note that we will be able to provide more specific and useful recommendations if given more information.
Tell Us About Yourself
Do you have sufficient access to any of the following types of spaces in Baltimore? Select any of those that you have access to and if we missed any please fill in "other"
Does your practice require accommodation for any of the following?
Where in Baltimore do you live?
Do you live or work in an arts district?
Do you take advantage of the tax credit for living in an arts district?
Have you been recently displaced from housing or are you homeless?
If you have housing, about how much do you pay for rent per month?
How many roommates do you have?
Your answer
What type of space do you live in?
Do you consider your housing an arts space?
How would you describe your unmet space needs?
Do you need living space that accommodate children?
Where is is your practice space or studio?
Do you have a studio or practice space separate from your living space?
About how much do you pay for your practice/studio space (just your contribution if you share space)?
Do you have 24 hour access to your studio or practice space?
Do you have access to or operate an events space (gallery, venue, or space for parties)?
If yes, what is the the occupancy limit for your space?
Your answer
What type of building is used for your event space?
Do you have a liquor license for your space?
What would you need to improve the safety of any spaces you currently use?
Do you know if your event space is up to code?
Do you own your home or your practice space?
Does the idea of home or space ownership interest you?
Finally we'd like to learn a little more about you. How old are you?
What is your gender identity?
Your answer
What is your ethnicity?
Your answer
About how much money do you earn annually?
Your answer
Is your income stable?
What the highest level of education you have?
How Long Have You Lived in Baltimore
Anything else you'd like to let us know?
Your answer
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