Trinity College Dublin Graduate Studies Office Postgraduate Travel Reimbursment Fund 2018/2019
Trinity College Dublin


The Committee disburses a pooled fund provided by the generosity of (i) the Trinity Trust and (ii) the
endowment income of the Graduate Studies Research Travel Reimbursement.
The Committee will award travel grants to postgraduate research students, for the following purposes only:

A1 Travel to participate in academic meetings with personal presentation of the results of their

A2 Travel to engage in research relevant to their project and to collect material/information for
incorporation in their own theses by:
(i) Visits to libraries or other collections of research materials to supplement research
already undertaken in Dublin.
(ii) Visits to laboratories.
(iii) Fieldwork

Students should note that awards are based on funds available and the number of applications and are not guaranteed.
If funds are available following the allocation of Category A grants, the Committee may consider applications for the following

B1 Participation in an academic meeting without presentation of research

B2 Participation in a training course or workshop
Travel grants are not available for travel to and from College (overseas or otherwise).

a) Applications will be considered quarterly:
Travel in the Quarter: Deadline:
15 SEPTEMBER – 14 DECEMBER Deadline for applications is September 1st
15 DECEMBER – 14 MARCH Deadline Deadline for applications is December 1st
15 MARCH – 14 JUNE Deadline Deadline for applications is March 1st
15 JUNE – 14 SEPTEMBER Deadline for applications is June 2nd
b) Applicants and their supervisors must confirm support from their School and that funds to support the proposed travel are unavailable from other sources. (20 percent contribution of total cost of travel from school must be signed off by Head of School)

Late applications may be considered, but will be sent to the next committee meeting.

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(Category B travel will be supported only if funds are available following allocation of Category A awards). Please attach a short proposal outlining the benefit to your research of the travel for which funding is being sought. If you are applying for funds in Category A1, you must attach a copy of the abstract of your presentation. Applications without proposals and abstracts (where relevant) will not be considered.
Additional Information: By what means is your postgraduate research funded? *
Details of Travel Benefits *
Please outline the benefit to your research of the travel for which the funding is being sought. If you are applying for funds in category A1, you must include a copy of the abstract of your presentation. Applications without proposals and abstracts (where relevant) will not be considered.
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A1 students must provide an abstact of their presentation *
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Depart - Return
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Estimate of Costs - Travel *
Travel type details (Air/rail/boat/bus) & cost (please quote the most economical fares available)(Subsistence is not available)
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Estimate of Costs - Accomodation *
Accomodation Type, number of nights & cost (a maximum of 5 nights may be supported)
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Registration Fee
If applicable ( Confirmation of registration must be included in receipts)
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Total Cost of Travel, Accomodation & Registration Fee *
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Financial support amount promised from School *
You will not receive any funding unless you also have support from your school
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Financial support from other sources (if applicable)
Give details of organisation, purpose & amount
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Total financial support obtained from School and other sources etc *
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Total amount requested from Trinity Trust Travel Grant fund *
This must be less the total cost minus the support from the school & other sources (threshold sum any one student may receive in an academic year is €500 for European travel & €750 for travel outside Europe)
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Have you received the Travel Grant Award before? If yes when? *
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How much did you receive from the Travel Grant fund? *
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Supervisor's Supporting Statement *
Please provide a supporting recommendation for the grant application. Please include confirmation that (i) other funding is not available for this purpose; (ii) that in category A1, the student is presenting the work himself/herself. The supervisor's recommendation will be taken into account by the Dean and must be submitted separately.
Certificate of Support from Head of School & verification that no other funds are available for this purpose. All applications must be supported by 20% of total cost of travel by the Head of School *
This must be submitted separately
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