Deported Veteran Survey
The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) is the oldest surviving Latino civil rights organization in the country. Green Card Veterans is a Chicago-based council of veterans, veteran families, Gold Star families and community allies.

Our council is interested in exploring ways to help veterans who have been deported in a meaningful and sustainable way. The long-term goals are to end this inequity from continuing and return exiled veterans and their families to US soil. GCV is asking for your help by filling out this form.

Information collected here will be used by Green Card Veterans for many reasons including:
• create and publish reports for the general public, elected officials and policy-makers, academics and others on, or other mediums where opportunity for advocacy may exist.
• advocate for policies that are practical to deported veterans and their families, explore ways to advocate for cases (within our capacity) to elected officials from veteran’s state
• find resources providing exiled veterans and their families access and the ability to maintain a healthy quality of life while they continue to fight their cases from abroad.

Although you do not need to provide a name or other identifying information, it would be helpful for us to have for follow-up. Your names and information will never be disclosed unless GCV receives written permission from the veteran after specific and legitimate reasons are established. Information from this intake used on documents will have been de-identified and described in general terms.

We understand appreciate that there is much more to each veteran's story than we can capture in this questionnaire. We invite veterans interested in telling their story in more detail to let us know and we will follow-up accordingly.

Thank you for your willingness to participate!

Carlos Luna, MA
President, Green Card Veterans Council
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