2015 UK VMUG UserCon Call for Papers
Please submit details of your proposed community session for the 2015 UK VMUG on November 19th in Solihull (near Birmingham, UK)

Due to the limited number of available community sessions we will need to short-list proposed sessions and we will notify you by the end of August if you have been short-listed, you'll also be asked if you would like to have your session submitted for a future London VMUG event.

VMUG is a voluntary organisation for VMware users, vendor sponsorship covers the actual cost of the event, as such we're not usually able to cover travel costs for speakers, but we can offer endless gratitude and recognition for your efforts and if accepted you'll be automatically entered for our annual best community presentation awards

VMware employees, sponsors and vendors are not eligible to submit community sessions unless you can clearly demonstrate that your content is independent of your company affiliation, potential sponsors should contact VMUG HQ for details (sponsors@vmug.com) - VMware staff should contact Peter Von Oven to propose sessions.

For more information on the event, location and logistics etc. click this link for more information https://www.vmug.com/p/cm/ld/fid=10285

It's fine to make multiple proposals, gives us more to choose from!

Any questions please feel free to nudge @vinf_net on Twitter
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please provide a brief outline of who you are, what you do, and who you work for (important - you don't have to be specific if you're not allowed, but it adds credibility to your content if people can identify you and your affiliation/independence)
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Please provide an outline of your session that we can publish on the agenda, describe what people will learn, how it will be useful to them and what the key takeaways are
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Don't be fooled by length, shorter sessions are often more work than longer ones
Speaker facilities
What are you likely to need for your session
If you aren't selected for UK VMUG would you like to have your session considered for a future London VMUG event? *
We'd love to have space for everyone to present but we have a limited agenda, however we run quarterly VMUG meetings in London if you would be interested in presenting it there?
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