Community Pride 2022 Organizer Sign-Up
If you would like to assist in the planning of Community Pride 2022, please complete this form and select the team that you would like to work with. Here is an overview of the teams as we had decided on them last year, but these are subject to change.

Co leads will work together and coordinate their individual teams to facilitate Community Pride. They are mainly responsible for:
-  Attending monthly meetings with other leads,
-  Coordinating and hosting team meetings
-  Working with other teams to accomplish larger tasks

Organizers will plug into the team of their interest(s) to help plan and execute what's needed for a beautiful Community Pride celebration.


This team will be responsible for booking all event spaces, booking vendors, booking speakers, booking speaker needs such as hotels, food accommodations, and transportation. They will coordinate child care at the festival and manage volunteers for all CP events.

This team will be responsible for creating marketing materials for all events related to Community Pride 2022. They will handle all social media, digital amplification and the imaging around Community Pride.

Street Team/Outreach:
This team will be the primary face of Community Pride 2022. They will be going to other events, schools, festivals, meetings and tabling/discussing CP, flyering/canvassing around festival location, teaching others how to discuss CP, and discussing CP with the media.

Safety/Harm Reduction/Accessibility:
This team will be responsible for organizing the community safety team, medic squad, Legal Observers. They will organize safety team trainings for events. Emphasis on harm reduction and creating sensory spaces at events.

This team will be responsible for booking musicians/artists for art events and the CP festival. They will set up equipment and pay performers, as well as make arrangements for performers such as hotels, food accommodations, and transportation.

This team will be responsible for fundraising for CP, managing donations for CP at fundraising events, and will host the fundraising events. This team will likely help keep track of the budget as well.

Community Care:
This team will be responsible for ensuring that organizers are taking care of themselves and each other. They will work on enforcing accountability standards and be the point of contact should a team member feel overwhelmed/need a break/need to step down. They will also host monthly self-care events for organizers.

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