Senate & Committee Absence Form (2020-2021)
Please fill out this form if you will be absent from a Senate meeting. The full Senate attendance policy is outlined in the Senate By-Law, Title XVI, which is viewable here:
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Which committee are you on? *
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Reason for absence
*Please note that that the following are the only excused reasons for absence (Senate By-Law, XVI.1.D): interview, serious illness, religious holiday, DSG project-related activities, emergency, and those prescribed by the House Rules. We have added an option for time difference some of us are experiencing as a result of COVID.
What is the reason for your absence? *
Please provide documentation of your reason for absence (e.g. email, doctor's note) *
Documentation for your reason for absence must be provided, as outlined in the Senate By-Law XVI.1.C. If you cannot provide a link to the documentation here, please note "email" and email the documentation to President Pro Tempore (Valeria Silombria, NetID:vs143), BEFORE your date of absence.
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