Letter Of Support
We wholeheartedly support UNM LEAF’s call for UNM to declare a climate emergency.
This would include:

1) Regenerative Campus ​- Create a carbon free and waste free campus. This includes 100% renewable energy and a zero waste campus by 2030.
2) Invest in Environmentally Aware Education and Research ​- Invest in educational programs that empower students to understand their role in facilitating a just and equitable transition to a new energy economy. Develop curricula and infrastructure that prioritizes innovative research to help New Mexico prepare for the negative impacts of climate change and accelerate the transition to an economy free of fossil fuels that benefits all New Mexicans.
3) Divest from Fossil Fuels ​- The Regents of the University should permanently eliminate all funds that invest in fossil fuels their portfolio by 2025. UNM cannot claim to promote the interests of its students while investing in fossil fuel companies and economic systems that jeopardize their future.
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