ENDORSE and/or Register your support here for the National DIPG Awareness Resolution, H. Res. 404
Any U.S. Resident may share support!  We welcome endorsements for H. Res. 404 from individuals and organizations.  Here is the link to our letter to Congress with Resolution text:  bit.ly/HRes404-Letter

For simple endorsement, skip to the bottom to enter your email address and the easy-fill form will pop up.

A note to those wishing to advocate with our group, or to have our group advocate directly for you to your members of Congress (optional):

On the form there is a place to enter a brief Statement of Support (SOS) for the DIPG Awareness Resolution (H. Res. 404), as a concerned citizen or a family member of child* affected by childhood brain cancer.  It should include the "ask" of your Representative, and state delegation, to, "please cosponsor the DIPG Awareness Resolution, and thank you for honoring my request as your constituent."  Our group uses this to advocate for you directly.
     You can either enter it on the form, or may submit to us a longer, more detailed SOS for your Representative.  Just send with a picture if applicable to moonshot4kids@gmail.com.  
*(A picture of your child or your family lends impact and the power of reality to your statement.)

You may also opt-in to Congressional office zoom meetings to share your story directly with office staff, or your representative in Congress.

Thank you!
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