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Assumptions For Questions #1 - #5
Stock Price = $50

Expiration in 5 days

Volatility = 35%

1. What is the Delta of the $50 strike call? *
2 points
2. What strike put has the highest Gamma? *
1 point
3. You're long the $52-strike call one hour before expiration - what should you do? *
1 point
4. You own the $52 strike put and it is worth $2.64 - what is the extrinsic value of your option? *
1 point
5. If you buy five (5) of the $48 strike puts for $1.50 each, what is the maximum you can lose on the trade? *
1 point
8. Which of the following is a bullish vertical spread? *
1 point
9. You are long calls on 10 different technology stocks; which is the best choice below to protect your portfolio from a big sell-off? *
1 point
A covered call options strategy is when a trader buys the underlying stock and sells out-of-the-money options - which best describes this trade? *
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