Holy Week Survey
This year, our Elders and staff would like your help as we plan for Holy Week Worship Services. Your answers will bless us as we make the best plan for how many in-person services we will need. Thanks for your time. A few notes to help you answer:

1. You are answering for your household. Please only fill out one per household.

2. Due to limited capacity we will need you to register ahead of time for at least Easter and possibly Good Friday. More details and information will follow.

3. If you feel you will be vaccinated by this time and that impacts your answer, answer as if you have received your vaccine. We would rather plan for too many than be unprepared.

Thank You!!

Maundy Thursday we plan to attend:
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Good Friday we plan to attend:
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Easter we plan to attend:
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If we plan to worship in person, we would have approximately this many attend (remember to account for extended family and visitors that may come with you):
If we plan to worship in person, we are willing to help in any of the following ways (check all that apply):
If you checked any of the boxes above, please include your name, email, or cell phone number that we may contact you.
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