Tir-Na Nog'th 2021 Signup
Welcome to the Tir-Na Nog'th 2021 Signup form. So what is TirCon? It's a Virtual Diceless Gaming Convention linked in part to our sister-con AmberCon Northern Ireland but welcome to anyone who wants to join us and have some fun gaming online.

This form is aimed at gathering your details and should be filled in by everyone who wants to participate. It aims to capture information needed for the smooth running of the convention. Be aware that while your information is securely stored and will not be misused, the aim is to provide your contact details to the GMs of the games you are participating in to facilitate pre-convention character creation and during-convention conferencing.
Email address *
Your Name and Surname: *
The name you are known by. (Not necessarily your official name!) Note that your name and the first letter(s) of your surname will be used on the public facing game book and also as your nickname in Discord. Your full name will not be shared publicly but will be used by the organisers to differentiate duplicate names. (Yes, this has had to be used... twice!)
Your Phone Number: *
Preferably your Mobile/Cell. This number will be saved and held by the the organisers and used for emergency purposes only and will not be distributed to GMs. Please ensure that it includes the international prefix so I don't have to guess!
Your Discord ID: *
Your Discord ID (in the form: Rathorne#6930 - which you can get by right clicking on your name in the bottom left of Discord-web) will provide an initial means of communicating with the convention organisers via the ACNI/TirCon Discord Server (https://discord.gg/DV5Vfgv). Discord is also out default conferencing tool for the convention games although GMs may wish to make their own arrangements to use alternate conferencing tools for their games.
Are you intending GMing a game? *
The convention is all about games and without GMs, there are no games. It is essential that we get as many games as possible added to the game book as this year as we all know that online games tend to need to be smaller. While not a requirement, I would strongly encourage everyone to offer at least one game - even if you've never GM'd before! You'll never find a more sympathetic and supportive player base than our little community and we'd love you to give it a try! Game outlines should be submitted to the conference organisers via Discord (to Kevin D), email (to Kevin @ AmberConNI.org.uk) or the GM Signup Google Form - no later than the 18th June 2020. Also note that GMs will be given preferential opportunity when selecting games. You can submit your game here: https://forms.gle/KnpNxSfLWyCUj9Qh8
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