Law Student's Legal Advice Program ("LSLAP") Volunteer Clinician Sign-up
This form is for UBC Allard Law Students who are interested in signing up to volunteer with LSLAP. To sign up to volunteer with LSLAP, please complete the questions in this survey. After completing the survey, you will receive an e-mail in early September with additional information about the policies and procedures of the program, including an application for membership with the Greater Vancouver Law Students' Legal Advice Society (the governing society of LSLAP).
Signing up for LSLAP is not complete until you have completed your application for membership and the quiz on our policy and procedure. Both the application for membership and the quiz must be submitted either to our offices before your first clinic, or to your Clinic Head at your first clinic. You will not be able to participate in the program until these have been complete.

Please note that attendance at the LSLAP training sessions is required! Training sessions will be held in the Franklin Lew Forum of Allard Hall. The training dates are:

- September 5th: Civil Law Training Session
- September 12th: Criminal Law Training Session
- September 19th: Make-Up Training Session

The first clinic dates start September 23rd, but not all clinics operate that first week. Closer to the start-date, you will be assigned a clinic and contacted by your Clinic Head!

Please note that your name, LSLAP email address (or normal email address if you do not make one), phone number, languages, and areas of interest in law will be made available to the Clinic Heads. The LSLAP Executive will have access to all the information you enter into this form. None of these questions are taken into account to determine whether you can volunteer with the program.

If you have difficulty completing this form, please contact
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