Bad Run Turbo Edition - Beta feedback
Share your feedback and experience with the game, it will help us greatly!
Answer what you can, everything is optional.
What mobile device were you playing on (brand/model)?
What game version were you playing (shows in the bottom of the options screen)?
Which screen orientation were you playing in?
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Did you experience any technical difficulties, bugs or performance issues?
Did you find the UX and UI intuitive and clear, did anything stumble you?
What are your thoughts about the controls?
Did you understand the store and all the possible upgrades?
Did you understand you can get coins rewards for fulfilling achievements?
Did you understand that you get coins rewards per star (3 star rating) on the mission levels and that you can replay a mission to get a higher rating and extra bonus coins?
What level did you reach?
How would you rate the missions levels difficulty?
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How would you rate the castles levels difficulty?
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Anything else you would like to say?
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