ICU教会 日曜礼拝予約フォーム ICU Church Sunday Service Reservation Form
Please note: We will respect the confidentiality of your personal information provided in this form.
However, your personal information may be provided to public authorities in case of coronavirus infection control.

ICU教会事務所 / ICU Church Office
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希望日を1つお選びください。 Please choose one preferred date below.
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氏名(漢字)/ Name, using kanji if applicable(例:国際 基子)
氏名(アルファベット)/ Name, using the alphabet (Last name, First name 例:KOKUSAI MOTOKO) *
電話番号 / Phone Number *
ご住所 / Home Address (初めて礼拝予約をされる方のみご回答ください。Please put your home address below if it is your first time reserving with the form.)
同伴者全員の氏名 / Names of Your Household Companions (ご同居の方に限り、同伴者としてご予約いだたけます。必ず、全員のお名前をアルファベットでご記入ください。
You can also make a reservation for those who live with you in the same household. Please list the names (using the alphabet) of your household companions, who intend to join you in worship. 例:KOKUSAI KIRIKO, KOKUSAI TARO, KOKUSAI HANAKO... )
礼拝出席の注意事項 / Precautions for Attending Worship
1. ご高齢の方、持病(基礎疾患)のある方は、感染した場合、重症化するリスクが高いといわれています。ご自身のご体調によく留意して、慎重にご判断ください。

2. 以下に該当される方は礼拝出席を控え、ご自宅で祈りを合わせる時として下さい。

3. 礼拝当日は必ずマスクをご着用ください。ただし乳幼児や小さい子どもの着用はご家庭のご判断にお任せします。また、マスク着用によってアレルギーが出るなど特別な事情によりマスクの着用が困難な方は、アッシャーに一言お声がけください。


1. If you are a senior citizen or have chronic illness, you are strongly encouraged to stay home.
(This is because it is said people of these groups are prone to sever cases of COVID-19.)

2. If any of the check points below apply, please refrain from coming to church.
- Have symptoms of cold, including temperature higher than 37.5℃.
- Any of the following symptoms: cough, head-ache, difficulty in breathing, feeling malaise.
- Diagnosed for infection of novel coronavirus, or have been in close contact with someone who was diagnosed.

3. Please wear a mask at all times. However, the wearing of masks by infants and small children is left to the discretion of the family. If you have special circumstances that make it difficult for you to wear a mask, please let the usher know.
上記の礼拝出席の際の注意事項をよく読みましたか。 Did you read the above list of notices? *
どこで礼拝予約について知りましたか。How did you find out the Sunday service reservation?
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