Health Care Providers for A Day Off for Democracy
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As physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers, we frequently find ourselves at the intersections of social problems and health. We've seen firsthand the trouble that many patients and parents have accessing the medical system due to concerns about leaving work, particularly lower-income and hourly wage workers. These patients often postpone or skip doctors' visits due to the risk of losing income or even being fired for missing work. If these pressures prevent medical care, it stands to reason that they would be even bigger barriers to voting. Voting is the most critical act within our democracy, and barriers to voting that disproportionately affect lower income must be addressed.

Therefore, as concerned physicians, nurses, and healthcare providers we join with hundreds of political scientists and voting rights experts to urge leaders at all companies, non-governmental organizations, and universities (including medical schools and residency training programs) to give their students and employees, including part-time and hourly, paid time off to vote on Election Day.

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