[Year 2] YAPA Kids 1st Class Program Sign Up Interest Form
*For ease of access on mobile, you may want to use bit.ly/yapakids2020class1 to fill out this form.

Welcome to YAPA Kids Year 2! If you are interested in joining one of our programs, which are aimed towards students grades 1 to 8 and free of charge, please fill out this form. You may only submit this form once per student.

Please remember that all times are in Pacific Time (PT). More information can be found on our website at yapakids.org and our FAQ (yapakids.org/faq). Thank you.
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If you are in high school and looking to volunteer, please go to bit.ly/yapakidsapp instead.
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Please select the class and time that you are most interested in participating in. You may only submit this form once per student, so please choose wisely! Duplicate submissions will not be considered. All class meetings are in Pacific Time (PT). If you do not see the class you want your child to be enrolled in the image, it means that they have not decided on their times yet; if you still wish to sign up your child to that class, please come back later. Thanks for your understanding.
Which class time option would you prefer your student to attend? (see table above) *
IF SELECTED [French, Spanish, Mandarin, Java, Python]: How much experience do you have learning [selected program] at school (years)? Please only enter a number value.
IF SELECTED [French, Spanish, Mandarin, Java, Python]: What is the last concept you learned in your school [selected class] class?
IF SELECTED [French, Spanish, Mandarin]: How much experience do you have speaking [selected language] at home (years)? Please only enter a number value.
IF SELECTED [French, Spanish, Mandarin]: Are you in a bilingual immersion program?
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We are currently only accepting requests from the US and Canada. If you do not live in these countries, please check again in a few weeks. Make sure to have the format: (city), (state) **there needs to be a comma**
How did you hear about YAPA Kids? *
As parent/guardian of the child, I agree to the terms and conditions of attending classes outlined at bit.ly/yapakidstermsconditions, including waiving liability for harms and consenting to media release. *
Referral bonus: your student will move up on the request list for each verified referral of a new parent to bit.ly/yapakids2020class1 (please ask them to specify your email in the referral question). *
When will I be able to begin classes?
Submitting this form does not immediately enter your student into a program that you selected, but when there is an available space, we will let you and your student know as soon as we can!

Depending on the space available and popularity of each program, students should be accepted into their signed-up program in 1-2 weeks. You will receive a confirmation email from each program when the student is formally accepted!
Interested in a 2nd class or 3rd class?
You may request a second class using bit.ly/yapakids2020class2 (do not resubmit this form). This 2nd request should be for a different program and should not conflict in time.

You may request a third class using http://bit.ly/yapakids2020class3 (do not resubmit this form). This 3rd request should be for a different program and should not conflict in time.

If you have more questions, please take a look at our FAQ (yapakids.org/faq) to address any concerns. If you are having any other troubles, please let us know by submitting a support ticket here: bit.ly/yapakidshelp.
Interested in being a part of the YAPA Kids Parent Community?
In order to establish a more direct connection to you all, we have created a parent facebook group! Here you can meet each other, talk about classes, receive updates and much more. To join the group, please press on this link: https://bit.ly/31kYqi6.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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