Ed Tech Endorsement Completion Form
Please fill out this form when you have completed courses totaling 18 credits. This form will allow you to indicate which courses you have completed. Once you have completed this form a a letter will be composed confirming to USOE that you have earned the Ed Tech Endorsement through the Canyons School District. The courses must appear on either your USOE transcript or SUU transcript. If courses appear on both transcripts, you will need to send in both transcripts. The completion letter will need to be sent to USOE along with your Ed Tech Endorsement application, an official USOE and/or SUU transcript (with ed tech endorsement courses highlighted), and a check for made out to USOE for $25.

Note: The courses that are listed are courses that have been offered through Canyons School District over the years. Some of the courses are no longer available, but they still count towards your Ed Tech Endorsement. You are responsible to make sure that the courses you say that you have completed appear on your SUU or USBE transcripts.
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Completed Courses
Select the courses below that you have completed. In order to qualify for the Ed Tech Endorsement you must complete all 3 required courses, 6 credits that focus on technology pedagogy, and 3 credits that focus on hardware and software.
Required Courses *
Check all that apply. Credits must equal 9.
Technology Pedagogy *
Check all that apply. Credits must total 6.
Hardware and Software Courses *
Check all that apply. Credits must total 3.
Other Courses
If you have completed courses for USOE or SUU credit through a different school district and/or UEN and have had those courses approved to count towards your endorsement credit please list those courses below. You must include the course title, date completed, credit hours, and course type (technology pedagogy or hardware and software)
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