St. Mary Technology Responsible Use Policy Training
Welcome! This form will be your introduction to the Technology Responsible Use Policy (TRUP) for students and parents grades 3-8.
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Both students and parents may be asked to complete this training. That way, parents will clearly understand the expectations for their children.
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Watch the video: Introduction and Jurisdiction
Read the Policy Text: Consequences
1 - What could be the consequences if you do not follow the policy at school or at home? *
1 point
Read the Policy Text: Jurisdiction and Definitions
2 - Where and when do the expectations of the TRUP apply? *
2 points
3 - Are there technology expectations for parents? *
1 point
Read the Policy Text: Expectation 1
Watch the Video: Expectation 1
4 - What kind of content can be copied, become public, and get back to your parents and the school? *
1 point
5 - Which are "treating others with respect and compassion" and which are not? *
4 points
Sharing an unattractive photo of a classmate
Leaving a positive comment about a student's video
Complaining about a teacher in a Yelp review of the school
Calling out a friend for posting an insulting meme
Read the Policy Text: Expectation 2
Watch the Video: Expectation 2
6 - What could happen if you damage school technology? *
1 point
Read the Policy Text: Expectation 3
Watch the video: Expectation 3
7 - Which is okay to do? *
1 point
Read the Policy: Expectation 4
Watch the Video: Expectation 4
8 - Which are educational and which are non-educational? *
5 points
Browsing Instagram in class
Watching a video your teacher assigned
Looking at pictures of racing cars
Playing blackjack online
Playing Mathletics Live
9 - What does it mean for a student to be "on task" while using technology? *
1 point
Read the Policy: Media Policies
Watch the video: Media Policies
10 - Which is okay to do with your pictures of other students, parents, or school staff? *
1 point
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