====\\DeRAIL CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS Nuit Blanche 2017
Please join us in activating the West Toronto Railpath with two live performances - We Pause At Twilight - by artist Cara Spooner. Start and end your Nuit Blanche experience in an industrial urban landscape and car- free corridor. You will use your body to create a live linear map highlighting a series of specific railpath nodes as a human wayfinding guide. You will be participants in the performances, tuning into the artist's audio choreography and helping us encourage visitors to join in.

The theme of PAUSE inspires ====\\DeRAIL’s 2017 curatorial program which launches as a Nuit Blanche Independent Project to draw people into an experiment that inspires new ways of understanding a familiar place beyond its usual functionality. As a critique on the singular A to B movement of the mobility corridor, ====\\DeRAIL’s program invites audiences to consider how we might think differently about our city and our shared public landscapes: to pause, to listen, to observe and to imagine new creative possibilities for the various nodes and niches along the West Toronto Railpath. Where time is something to be considered rather than counted, ====\\DeRAIL invites the public to add their own layers of meaning to a linear landscape beyond its functional role as an active mobility corridor.

TITLE: We Pause at Twilight
LOCATION: West Toronto Railpath
DATE: Sept 30th - Oct 1st, 2017
TIMING: We Pause at Twilight features two live performances with corresponding audio available at derailart.com

Performance 1
Saturday Sept 30 sunset, 5PM -8PM.
Performance begins at the Pause Platforms near Henderson Brewing Co. parking lot (128 Sterling Road).

Performance 2
Sunday Oct1 sunrise, 5AM - 8AM.
Performance begins at the Wallace Bridge north of the UP Express - Bloor Station

Friday Sept 29th, 6PM-7:30PM. 128 Sterling Road at Henderson Brewing Co.
Attendance is mandatory .

Wear comfortable weather appropriate clothing and footwear. Bring headphones. We will be providing a reflective safety sash. We will provide refreshments.

We require a group of volunteers to be We Pause At Twilight docents. You will be positioned around certain railpath nodes, helping to create a linear map of the performance route, to answer questions about the piece, about the railpath and about ====\\DeRAIL, provide directions, hand out headphones...etc.

This volunteer role is important for collecting valuable demographic and experiential information from attendees. This information is helpful as feedback to our funding partners. You will be willing to approach participants, ask them some preset questions, and filling out the responses for later analysis by ====\\DeRAIL.


====\\DeRAIL Platform for Art + Architecture, a registered non profit and independent arts producer, is an alternative platform for dialogue and collaboration across disciplinary, geographical, and ideological boundaries. ====\\DeRAIL commissions and produces place-specific art projects to foster new conversations about public space design and contemporary city building. We bring linear landscapes to life through contemporary art by moving beyond the walls of a traditional gallery space to offer a new experience to both citizens as participants and artists as contributors.

Learn more about Cara Spooner (here). Learn more about ====\\DeRAIL (here). Learn more about the WEst Toronto Railpath (here)
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