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DATE: October 9, 2023

TO: Pajaro Valley Unified School Board Trustees De Serpa, Acosta, Soto, Dodge, Flores, Bolaños Scow, Holm, Maya-Romero, and Interim Superintendent Murry Schkeman

RE: Defamation of Community Responsive Education & Dr. Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales

At a September 13, 2023 Pajaro Valley Unified School District Board of Education public meeting in Santa Cruz County, California, Dr. Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales and Community Responsive Education (CRE) were smeared with false and potentially libelous accusations of bigotry and antisemitism. These attacks weaponized a statement from the Governor’s office and the California Department of Education, a statement condemned by the UC of Ethnic Studies Faculty Council. Following a series of defamatory statements, the Board did not renew her contract to support Ethnic Studies teacher development and community responsive leadership.

These allegations of bigotry and antisemitism amount to a slander campaign aimed at propagating false views about Dr. Tintiangco-Cubales among the PVUSD community and the wider public and have caused significant financial harm.

CRE and Dr.Tintiangco-Cubales have served the district under a contract to support the development of Ethnic Studies teachers and provide professional development for school principals since the fall of 2021. She has also worked with district leaders to co-create the district’s Ethnic Studies Framework. CRE has provided an Ethnic Studies lecture series and support for any teacher who wants to develop Ethnic Studies curriculum in Santa Cruz County. For over two school years, Dr. Tintiangco-Cubales and CRE supported the Pajaro Valley Unified School District above and beyond the deliverables in their contracts. 

The district leadership team worked with Dr. Tintiangco-Cubales to develop a scope of work for the 2023-2024 school year. This work would have included:

  1. Leadership Development for all secondary principals. This would have included professional development focusing on community responsive leadership, PVUSD’s Ethnic Studies framework, and connecting the wellness of both students and faculty to the development of Ethnic Studies in PVUSD.
  2. Teacher Development focused on the development of Ethnic Studies teachers, specifically on English Language Arts.
  3. District Support to develop professional development that is both asynchronous and synchronous for all teachers teaching Ethnic Studies across the disciplines.

There was deliberate and thoughtful planning between CRE and PVUSD district leaders that went into this scope of work. There was significant time investment into planning and visioning this work, with the intention to create a sustainable Ethnic Studies model that could be maintained after this transition year.  

Although the proposal was developed over the summer, it was not brought to the Board of Education until the September 13, 2023, meeting. Between the time of the proposal development, there was a concern brought by a rightwing segment of part of the Jewish community regarding false and dangerous allegations that Dr. Tintiangco-Cubales was antisemitic. District leaders were asked to meet with Rabbi Paula Marcus and a group of about twenty-five individuals at the Temple Beth El on August 27th, 2023, to share what PVUSD’s Ethnic Studies curriculum looked like. During this meeting, the majority of the Jewish community present demonstrated support for Ethnic Studies. Dr. Tintiangco-Cubales continued to work with district leaders to shape the work that was supposed to commence on September 14-15, 2023, contingent on approval by the Board.

During the September 13th Board meeting, item 9.10, the Ethnic Studies district leader, Claudia Monjaras, presented PVUSD’s history of Ethnic Studies, including the partnership with CRE since the fall of 2021. The PVUSD ’s Ethnic Studies Framework that was presented was co-created with CRE. She presented a proposal to renew CRE’s contract. 

Following the presentation, there were two public comments by Roz Shorenstein and Gil Stein, who both falsely accused Tintiangco-Cubales of bias and bigotry. Shorenstein stated that Dr. Tintiangco-Cubales “objected to stopping hate as a goal of education” and was “a consultant who created a rejected policy for bigotry.” Both commentators made an inaccurate claim that “the state offers this for free,” referring to professional development for ethnic studies. 

No evidence was presented to substantiate the defamatory accusations by Shorenstein and Stein. Despite these dangerous claims, the Board did not ask for evidence or attempt to correct the record. The commenters referenced a letter that Dr. Tintiangco-Cubales signed, along with hundreds of ethnic studies experts and organizations, including Dr. Tintiangco-Cubales signed to support authentic ethnic studies amidst right-wing attacks on public education. Another spurious claim, later voiced by Trustee De Serpa was the removal of her name from the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum as evidence of bigotry when, in fact, all 20 of the committee members removed their names when non-experts bowing to intense political pressure, rewrote the curriculum, making it no longer their work and unrecognizable as ethnic studies. This incorrect information about Dr. Tintiangco-Cubales was not corrected. No trustee asked a question for clarification or evidence to support the claims of bias and bigotry made by the commentators. None of the actions evidenced bigotry. On the contrary, the actions mentioned are consistent with Dr. Tintiangco-Cubales’ record, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to antiracism.

Following the two public comments, board members engaged in a discussion that defamed Dr. Tintiangco-Cubales, falsely accusing her of antisemitism. Trustee De Serpa claimed Dr. Tintiangco-Cubales was antisemitic and would not support the contract and pressured trustees to do the same. Despite reassurances from the district’s Ethnic Studies lead that nothing in their work was antisemitic and hearing praise from others, De Serpa insisted she did not want Dr. Tintiangco-Cublaes doing the work. Despite praise for the work that Dr. Tintiangco-Cubales led with CRE in PVUSD, the public mischaracterizations continued without evidence. Following this, Trustee Acosta stated she was “disgusted” to be affiliated with Dr. Tintiangco-Cubales, and Trustee Bolaños Scow voiced support of the program without CRE. Superintendent Schekman stated, “we have a problem with an individual” who he said was biased without providing any evidence of bias. Pushing the Board to finalize a decision opposing Dr. Tintiangco-Cubales, Trustee De Serpa interrupted President Holm and stated, “you don’t have a second..I think it just dies now…I would move that you bring back this item with another consultant.”  Further extending the reach of unsubstantiated claims of bigotry and antisemitism to anyone “affiliated with” Dr. Tintiangco-Cubales, De Serpa claimed, again with no evidence, that all Jewish people have a “problem” with Dr. Tintiangco-Cubales to which a district employee stated it would be difficult to find someone not affiliated with her and her “issue” because all “the top people are connected.” The meeting item closed with a vote to bring the item back with a new consultant, ending the contract with Dr. Tintiangco-Cubales and CRE.

All of the disparaging comments made about Dr. Tintiangco-Cubales were based on unfounded assumptions and no evidence. It was a clear character assassination of Dr. Tintiangco-Cubales and a disregard for all the work and dedication she has committed to the field of Ethnic Studies for over 30 years. The Board members made comments and decisions about Dr. Tintiangco-Cubales that were not founded based on concrete actions or evidence. There was a loss of a significant contract that was to employ 6 consultants to support the Ethnic Studies work of PVUSD. Not a single trustee asked for or stated any evidence supporting these spurious claims. In fact, a few board members praised the work and stated they would like it to continue. Their positions were ignored, and the will of the majority was not made clear before denying the CRE contract.

CRE was treated unfairly, and the individual trustee’s willingness to defame someone publicly without a full-throated and persistent defense from those trustees who felt the contract should continue is an abdication of leadership in both cases. Further, the avoidance of a vote on the Board floor to ensure there was no record of who voted for and against contracting with CRE and Dr. Tintiangco-Cubales reflects poorly on the professionalism and leadership of individual trustees and their commitment to transparent decision-making. Derailing the work of the 2-year ethnic studies implementation in PVUSD due to false claims will do real harm to the quality of the curriculum and teaching and, thus, student academic and social outcomes, making this an abrogation of PVUSD’s commitment to the community. Finally, publicly disparaging Dr. Tintiangco-Cubales with unsubstantiated allegations and anyone “affiliated with” her qualifies as defamation that has real reputational and material harm.

We ask that the contract be reinstituted and a public apology be made to Dr. Tintiangco-Cubales and the staff of Community Responsive Education for falsely claiming that she and CRE are biased, bigoted, or antisemitic. 

The Coalition for Liberated Ethnic Studies

& The Undersigned

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  417. Shirin Vossoughi, Northwestern University 
  418. Asif Wilson, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign 
  419. Alyssa Tolentino, Kappa Psi Epsilon Beta Chapter
  420. Jennifer Nemecek, Haley Chin 
  421. Claire Dandan, Kappa Psi Epsilon, Skyline Kababayan 
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  423. Jazmine Fortes
  424. Blue Amoguis
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  427. Richelle Concepcion
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  436. Candice Valenzuela
  437. Boyeong Kim
  438. Mouakong Vue 
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  440. Scott Kurashige
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  448. Wayne Au, Rethinking Schools
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  451. Mikaela Flores
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  668. Dioscoro Recio
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  699. Grace Shimizu, Japanese Peruvian Oral History Project
  700. Mariel dela Paz
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  703. Sofia A
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  770. Kimberly Castillo 
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  774. Bianca Ling
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  832. Jose Villalobos
  833. M Guevarra
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  836. Felix Rosell, League of Filipino Students, SFSU
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  838. Joe Virata
  839. Lennard Nerona
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  862. Katrina Evasco
  863. Will Fitzgerald 
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  905. Jameelah Johnson
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  907. Rhoda Stevenson
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  909. Mario de Mira
  910. AnneMarie Montani
  911. Mary Jacob
  912. Dr. Christina Khoon
  913. Michelle Portugal, Kappa Psi Epsilon
  914. Carolina San Juan, Director, Graduate Mentoring, UCLA Academic Advancement Program 
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  916. Noelle Bondoc
  917. Cheryl Zarate, Af3IRM LA 
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  919. Kevin Owens
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  936. Roehlyn Quisao Caramadre
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  938. Jessica Antonio 
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  942. Dr. Sarah Carpio
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  952. Lendl San Jose
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  954. Carla Brizuela-Perez
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  957. Emily Bautista
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  970. Pia Lopezbaños-Carrion
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  998. Ashley Villanueva, UC Berkeley 
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  1002. Pia Barton, Malaya Botanicals
  1003. Lorena Camargo G
  1004. Marky Enriquez, KQED 
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  1009. Louise de Silva
  1010. Wei Ming Dariotis
  1011. Raymond Bayani
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  1028. Ryan Johnson
  1029. Anna Maria Luera, The Center for Cultural Power
  1030. Lilliana P. Saldaña 
  1031. Mace Basco
  1032. Lynie Abadilla
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  1034. Anne Vera Cruz
  1035. Czabrina Ayran
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  1037. Jonah Deocampo (pka Bambu DePistola)
  1038. Katrina dilag
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  1086. Nicole Maxali, Kindred Kapwa Productions
  1087. Isabella Maya Collins
  1088. Kristina Standley
  1089. Sandy Capacio Campbell, Filipino Advocates for Justice, Peralta Hacienda Historical Park
  1090. Carolyn Dunn, PhD., California State University Los Angeles
  1091. Kristle Domondon
  1092. Kristian Kabuay
  1093. Trisha Ibarra
  1094. Kim Geron
  1095. Rebecca Cepeda
  1096. Camille Raquel, LCSW
  1097. Mandy Lau, Teaching Excellence Network
  1098. Heather Prado
  1099. T.K. Le, UCLA Asian American Studies Center
  1100. Sierra Doehr
  1101. Michelle G. Magalong, PhD, Historic Preservation, University of Maryland 
  1102. Stephanie Camba, TeAda Productions, Babaelan Collective, Sustainable Holistic Healing Arts and Activations, Shero Collective
  1103. Franzine Santos
  1104. Megan Dela Cruz
  1105. Jamie Balaoro
  1106. Emi Nakamura
  1107. Tikko Nix
  1108. Noah Kawaguchi
  1109. Leilani Wagner
  1110. Chris Rini
  1111. Dr. Albert Ponce, Political Science & Social Justice, Diablo Valley College
  1112. Jamie Aguas
  1113. Dawn Acosta
  1114. Ivy Tiongco
  1115. Annalise Harlow
  1116. Nori Henk
  1117. Leana Landingin
  1118. Hanna Dangiapo
  1119. Christian Ferrer
  1120. Randy Banaria 
  1121. Eduardo Taylor, Pin@y Educational Partnerships
  1122. Livvy Marcus
  1123. Gabriela Fullon
  1124. Lorna Efford 
  1125. Cybil Joy Pallugna-Saenz, Filipinx Artists of Houston; Filipino American National Historical Society Houston, Texas Chapter
  1126. Rebecca Castro
  1127. Carla Pangan
  1128. Melissa Macaraeg
  1129. Myrna Magat
  1130. Sean Fisher
  1131. Khariza Rae Estacio
  1132. Saira Kaur Singh
  1133. Anne Arcelo
  1134. Maria Lorena Llagas-Marbella, Board Member, Kamayan Coalition
  1135. Kristine Richardson
  1136. Sofi Mercado, Philippine Studies at City College San Francisco
  1137. Kiki Bispo, Former PVUSD student, UCLA
  1138. Loubna Qutami, Asian American Studies, UCLA
  1139. Edeline DeGuzman
  1140. Patricia Salamanca
  1141. Christine A. Liboon
  1142. Alfred Remulla
  1143. Hannah Hapin
  1144. Virley Arcidy
  1145. Alexandra Gates
  1146. Katherine Peik
  1147. Sabrina Belara
  1148. Karren Merto
  1149. Marie Hernandez
  1150. Alexis Lopez
  1151. Jennifer Bautista
  1152. Sarah Lee Laguna
  1153. Eric Claravall
  1154. Glenda Macatangay
  1155. John M. Castro
  1156. Lan Quach 
  1157. Rikka Venturanza, UCLA
  1158. Daniel Arzaga
  1159. Christibelle Villena
  1160. Jonathan Oca
  1161. Keana Hilario, League of Filipino Students UC Berkeley 
  1162. Florence Emily Castillo, Ph.D., University of Texas at Dallas
  1163. Dorian Hiraya, Jeremiah Sataraka
  1164. Pamela Sexton, PVUSD Teacher
  1165. Brian Villa
  1166. Elwyn Cabebe, MD, Stanford Health Care
  1167. Marivic Valdez Quintanilla
  1168. Percival Dela Cruz
  1169. Ana Victoria Fortes
  1170. Sarah Ruiz
  1171. Dr. Lily Ann B Villaraza, Chair, Philippine Studies, City College of San Francisco; National Scholar & Trustee, Filipino American National Historical Society
  1172. eli mangaoang, Bindlestiff Studio, Pin@y Educational Partnerships
  1173. Rhommel Canare
  1174. Marien Cruz
  1175. Laura Mui, LMFT
  1176. Liza Amiwero-Roache
  1177. Venessa Manzano 
  1178. Jennifer Sotto
  1179. Megan Trinh
  1180. Jennifer Santos
  1181. Susan Inosanto
  1182. Cyril Phillips 
  1183. Marissa Aroy, Media Factory
  1184. Reychelle Tretasco
  1185. Rebecca Concepcion Apostol, University of California, Los Angeles' Foundation and Futures: Asian American and Pacific Islander Multimedia Textbook 
  1186. Marlo Casas
  1187. Lisa Poblete, Teacher in San Mateo Union High School District 
  1188. Felicity Amaya Schaeffer
  1189. Rebeca Burciaga, PhD, San José State University 
  1190. Hailey Watanabe
  1191. Marcia M. Zorrilla, DrPH
  1192. Donna Zenz
  1193. Wesley Ueunten, Chair, Department of Asian American Studies, San Francisco State University
  1194. Bobby Dalton G. Roy, California Department of Education
  1195. Josephine Care
  1196. Amanda Ferrer Lam
  1197. Michael Schulze-Oechtering, CSU East Bay, Department of History
  1198. Diana Chandara
  1199. Florencia Dufey
  1200. Guillermo Gómez
  1201. Andrew Cabatian Aggabao
  1202. Cheena Chun Moslen
  1203. Aisha Nelson
  1204. Charlene Argate, Kababayan Kids
  1205. Allan S. Manalo
  1206. Janessa Yniguez
  1207. Linfield University
  1208. Yanis Lee
  1209. Francesca Dolor
  1210. Nini Hayes
  1211. Dr. Saúl I. Maldonado
  1212. Bernie Rosquites 
  1213. Miho Kim, SFSU
  1214. Marisa Alvarez
  1215. Vanessa Rasmussen
  1216. Salka'Tuwa Bondoc Mafla
  1217. Othelia Jumapao
  1218. Ysabelle Inigo
  1219. Sergio Arroyo, 4 Vida, Danza Azteca de Anahuac
  1220. Obbry Santos, Kappa Psi Epsilon, Delta Chapter @ UCLA
  1221. Sharon Hoffmann
  1222. Joanmarie Bañez, PhD Candidate, UC San Diego
  1223. Lara Velasco
  1224. Jamel Ponciano
  1225. Daisy Ditico-Gutierrez
  1226. Joshua Aligam, SIKLAB
  1227. Geraldine Alcid, Filipino Advocates for Justice
  1228. luca castañeda 
  1229. irene faye duller
  1230. Christina Ayson Plank, UCSC
  1231. Angela Larkin
  1232. Chrissy Lau, SFSU
  1233. Donald Donaire, Stockton USD Board Trustee
  1234. Ana K. Soltero López
  1235. Gerard Besina
  1236. Meryl-Mae Blomseth M.Ed. 21 CSLA Sonoma Regional Academy
  1237. Arizza Benitez
  1238. Debbie Lee
  1239. Angelica Posadas
  1240. Shirley Ancheta
  1241. Eryca Antonio, James H. Rumohr (Co-founder of Kumu)
  1242. Maribel Rosendo-Servin, Ethnic Studies Educator
  1243. Maritza Ascencion
  1244. Angela Marie Medina, Financial Coordinator for the Pilipino Transfer Student Partnership @UCLA
  1245. Razón Daus-Magbual 
  1246. Marcus Gomez
  1247. Melchor Malang
  1248. Zoë Finch
  1249. Christopher Parayno
  1250. Cassius Carandang, Pilipino Transfer Student Partnership @ UCLA
  1251. Deena Doan
  1252. Ida Dagdagan
  1253. Jee Soo Kang
  1254. Macy Lou
  1255. Tiffani Marie, San Jose State University, Teacher Education
  1256. Janice Sudaria
  1257. Lillie Tinaza
  1258. Catrina Alonzo
  1259. C. Nobela
  1260. Mary Lou Dela Rosa
  1261. Cyntia Aviña
  1262. Adam RN
  1263. Eureka Soriano
  1264. Chriseah Datu
  1265. Maya Allen
  1266. Rose Ann E. Gutierrez
  1267. Ruth Reyes
  1268. Adriana Garcia
  1269. Paul Michael L. Atienza, Cal Poly Humboldt
  1270. Roderick Irby
  1271. Denise Zhou, UCLA Student
  1272. Elaine Sapitan
  1273. Jewell Bachelor
  1274. Alyson De La Rosa, LCSW
  1275. Valerie P. Fernandez-Alejandrino, College of Ethnic Studies, San Francisco State University
  1276. Hassy Flores, Social Justice Academy
  1277. Ethel DeGois
  1278. Madeleine Boone
  1279. Cintia G. Murillo
  1280. Mayuu Kashimura, San Francisco State University Nikkei Student Union
  1281. Craig Mcclarnon
  1282. Micol Issa
  1283. Caitlin Soriano
  1284. Lienmir Arradaza
  1285. Mason Uesugi
  1286. Cynthia Antonio
  1287. Rico E. Toscano
  1288. Amianan Daus-Magbual
  1289. sheila vafa
  1290. Alyse Olivas
  1291. Dev Nethma
  1292. Ahuitz Romo-Gonzalez
  1293. Claire Cabal Kahrobaie
  1294. Jordan Brooks
  1295. Catherine Pham
  1296. Cyndi Abundabar Ting, M.S. Special Education
  1297. John Magbual
  1298. Jonathan Lee, PhD, SFSU, College of Ethnic Studies
  1299. Rylo Parayno
  1300. Rowan Parayno
  1301. Camille Guiriba
  1302. Rizalene Zabala
  1303. Nora S Yerena, Certified Family Life Educator
  1304. Cielito Thea Fernandez
  1305. Terrie Guevarra
  1306. Boaz Tang
  1307. Allan S Daus
  1308. Estella Habal, professor emerita San Jose State
  1309. Anna Kimura
  1310. Cassandra Reyes
  1311. Bianca Mabute-Louie
  1312. Jenine Wehbeh
  1313. Ashley Koch, former coach and teacher in PVUSD
  1314. Trisha Lagaso Goldberg
  1315. Lillian Santos Stables
  1316. Gail Gonzalez Coloyan
  1317. Harry Embuido
  1318. Katrina Songco
  1319. Nikhil Laud
  1320. Gretchen Gallardo
  1321. Thear Chum
  1322. Kay Dumlao Doherty
  1323. Leilani Merriam
  1324. Charley Brooks, Mills College at Northeastern University
  1325. Carol Umanzor
  1326. Oona Fontanella-Nothom, College of Education, California State University - Los Angeles
  1327. Elaine V. Bautista 
  1328. Felipe Ponce Sr.
  1329. Nanette Tintiangco
  1330. Maritza Arreola
  1331. Jersey Rosetes
  1332. Hilda Fernandez, Foothill College
  1333. Divina Barber Sevilla 
  1334. Krystel Salandanan, Psy.D.
  1335. Mariah Ramirez
  1336. Ulysses Acevedo
  1337. Dr. Raúl S. Lomelí
  1338. Roderick Daus-Magbual (Council Member, Daly City)
  1339. Kristen Ferrer
  1340. Lashawn R. Chatmon
  1341. Melvin Alegado
  1342. Jermaine Carr
  1343. Alex Paulos
  1344. Jeanette Gandionco Lazam
  1345. Susan Kohen
  1346. Yolanda Castaneda-Futol
  1347. Krezzia Basilio
  1348. Jada Quidachay
  1349. Brian Charest
  1350. Nicole Bonsol
  1351. Suzanne SooHoo, Chapman Univeristy
  1352. Lauren Higa
  1353. Bernie Gomez, community member
  1354. Jamie Pelusi
  1355. Timothy Bautista
  1356. Haruki Eda, University of Colorado Colorado Springs
  1357. OiYan Poon
  1358. Theodore Domingo
  1359. Bradford Ladera
  1360. Cierra Presberry
  1361. Annelle Maranan Garcia
  1362. Emelia Leon
  1363. Rizalene Zabala
  1364. Robie Evangelista
  1365. Julian Merino
  1366. Jathusha Mahenthirarajan
  1367. Ligaya Domingo
  1368. Lindsay Ordesta
  1369. Erin Wood
  1370. Gianna Brassil
  1371. Joel A. Arce, UMass Amherst
  1372. Katy Felsinger
  1373. Shalane Li
  1374. Jana Lynne Umipig, El Puente, Brooklyn, NY
  1375. Oliver Saria
  1376. Eileen Boris, UC Santa barbara
  1377. Nola Macapagal Nakamitsu
  1378. Joe Williams
  1379. David Ko
  1380. Anna Alves
  1381. Christy Poisot, FANHS HOUSTON TEXAS
  1382. Vanessa Emperador 
  1383. Maritza Avila
  1384. Melanie Fontanilla Ginelsa
  1385. Arturo Villarreal - Evergreen Valley College Faculty
  1386. Angelina Loyola, Evergreen Valley College 
  1387. Morgan Ashley Chang-Jimenez
  1388. Anna Pilhoefer
  1389. Christine Start
  1390. Ernest Felix
  1391. Johannah Seah
  1392. Maria Dela Cruz
  1393. Matthew Dumanig, Kabataan Alliance
  1394. Geoffrey Suguitan
  1395. Angela Pedrigal
  1396. Mar Abat
  1397. Jessica Page
  1398. Camille Valerio
  1399. Michael Rosenberg, Director Law Academy at Balboa High School, San Francisco
  1400. Rissa Belara
  1401. Daniela Quintanar
  1402. Ami Bowen
  1403. Kaio Sena
  1404. Ron P. Muriera
  1405. MIchael Viola
  1406. Jy Jimmie Gabiola
  1407. Inwon Hwang
  1408. Zoilo Adalia
  1409. Andi Bianchi
  1410. Rick Cantora
  1411. Nelson Layag 
  1412. Francis J. Seludo, UC Berkeley
  1413. Roland Abad
  1414. Dr. Frank Perez PhD Ethnic Studies
  1415. Barbara Jane Reyes
  1416. Tianna Andresen
  1417. Alexis Raquino
  1418. Alizandra Magallanes
  1419. Gabrielle Arreglo
  1420. Kyle Bermudez
  1421. Liana Duque
  1422. Ashley de la Cruz
  1423. Sophia Soriano
  1424. Katherine Mara
  1425. Skyler Sharp
  1426. Barbara Kim, Asian and Asian American Studies, CSULB
  1427. Jessica Eyison 
  1428. Marylou Domondon Gaspar
  1429. Jennifer Navarro-Marroquin, Community Well
  1430. Melany De La Cruz-Viesca
  1431. Jeren Peñalosa
  1432. Alexandria Chu - LEAD Filipino
  1433. Patricia Guevarra
  1434. Pat Urbi, Filipino American Educator Association of California 
  1435. Ysrael Quezon
  1436. Kelly Fong
  1437. Rekia Jibrin, University of California, Santa Cruz
  1438. Gabriel Young, LEAD Filipino
  1439. Heather Javier
  1440. Ismael Illescas
  1441. Jennifer Co
  1442. Amani Loutfy
  1443. Casey Pascual
  1444. Dolores Calderón
  1445. Meg Ilasco
  1446. Vincent Lam
  1447. Gail Beltran Nott, Certified Professional Diversity Coach
  1448. Julia McNeary
  1449. Leda Ramos, Chicana/o & Latina/o Studies, CSULA
  1450. Kimberly I. Miranda -UCLA
  1451. Mellanie Rhae Tanada, University of Washington, Office if Minority Affairs & Diversity
  1452. Emy Coligado
  1453. Colt Nguyen
  1454. Diana Sánchez
  1455. Frances Ancheta Becker
  1456. Kyle Navarro, MS Health Policy, BSN, RN, PHN
  1457. Liberty Rapada
  1458. Farima Pour-Khorshid, Abolitionist Teaching Network
  1459. Denisha Jones, Ph.D., J.D
  1460. Blanca Missé, Associate Professor, SFSU
  1461. Aggie Revane
  1462. Chris Jadallah, UCLA
  1463. Miya Sommers, Faculty Asian American Studies, Berkeley City College
  1464. Anita Jain
  1465. Tamara Prather
  1466. Marcos Pizarro, College of Education, San José State University
  1467. Rita Kohli, Asoociate Professor, University of California, Riverside 
  1468. Marissa Cruz-Flores
  1469. Ayuri Terada, Los Angeles Unified School District
  1470. Sharim Hannegan-Martinez
  1471. Francia Pinillos, M.S. Special Education 
  1472. Jenn Galinato, California State University- Sacramento
  1473. Rachelle Villanueva
  1474. Re'Nyqua Farrington, University of California, Riverside
  1475. Emily Dech
  1476. Jonathan Mercado
  1477. Nayely Payan
  1478. Dina Maramba
  1479. Tara Popovic
  1480. Rowena A. Robles, PhD
  1481. Darius White
  1482. José I. Fusté, Faculty of Ethnic Studies, UC San Diego
  1483. Jen Soriano, author
  1484. Loan Dao, PhD
  1485. Rudy Guevarra Jr.
  1486. Leah Aguilera
  1487. Joy Sales
  1488. Emily Klein, Professor, Saint Mary's College of CA
  1489. Maria L. Abadesco
  1490. Yvonne Y. Kwan
  1491. Amy Lin
  1492. Abraham Ignacio
  1493. Gina Masequesmay, Asian American Studies at CSU Northridge
  1494. Seon-Hye Moon
  1495. Shelley Kuang
  1496. Joyce Lu, Ph.D.
  1497. Camille Llanes-Fontanilla, MPA
  1498. Abigail Chun, UCLA Asian American Studies Center
  1499. Christina Newhard, Publisher, Sari-Sari Storybooks
  1500. Angel Yuan
  1501. Kathy Yep
  1502. Jacinda Lee
  1503. Scott Schonfeldt-Aultman
  1504. Troy Kondo
  1505. Angelica Macalisang, SFSU
  1506. Kimmy Kee-Rose
  1507. Andrae Chin, UCLA Asian American Studies Center
  1508. Tim Harper
  1509. Kirin Macapugay
  1510. Aimee Mizuno, community member
  1511. Claudette Coverdale
  1512. Keith Camacho
  1513. Thuy Vo Dang, UCLA faculty
  1514. Eric Norberg
  1515. Tanya Mayo
  1516. Blanco, Maria
  1517. Kelly Ji
  1518. Tilda Kapuya, Director of Equity and Community at San Francisco University High School
  1519. Ratha Kelly
  1520. Yee Xiong
  1521. Sheri Fabbri
  1522. Adriana Blanco-V.
  1523. Terrance Amsler
  1524. Laticia Lonon
  1525. Brian Johnson - SFUSD
  1526. Kevin Torion June Jordan School For Equity World History
  1527. Margy LaFreniere
  1528. Takashi Mizuno,community member
  1529. Tomomi Kinukawa, SFSU
  1530. Baki Tezcan, Professor of History, University of California, Davis
  1531. Dina Al-Kassim
  1532. Hae choi
  1533. Eric Mar
  1534. Marissa Stewart
  1535. Grace Kyungwon Hong, Professor of Asian American Studies and Gender Studies, Director of the Center for the Study of Women|Streisand Center, UCLA
  1536. Kathryn Mizuno, PVUSD teacher, retired
  1537. Eduardo Rocha, AAPIS for Justice
  1538. Myra Dumapias, Filipino American National Historical Society
  1539. Joe Virata
  1540. Davorn Sisavath
  1541. Elena Norberg-Brown
  1542. Renee Tajima-Peña, Professor, UCLA
  1543. Holly Calica
  1544. Tony Robles
  1545. Jacqueline Liao, Kappa Psi Epsilon
  1546. Jimina Afuola
  1547. Estella Owoimaha-Church
  1548. Nancy Jodaitis
  1549. Jeannie Gonzalez-Alegata
  1550. Victor Kimura
  1551. Christina Luna, The Luna Company LLC
  1552. Aviya McGuire
  1553. Bethany Lourie
  1554. Rachel Reinhard
  1555. Victor Rios Teacher OUSD
  1556. Gabriella Gandall
  1557. Sherilyn Roy
  1558. Lizelle Festejo Hsu
  1559. Tuyen Tran
  1560. ‘Asena Taione-Filihia
  1561. Lani Ka'ahumanu
  1562. Jermel Aure
  1563. Evyn Lê Espiritu Gandhi
  1564. Michelle Palacios
  1565. Cathleen Escolta
  1566. Hazel Floria-Lange
  1567. Melissa Ambrose, LCSW/PPS
  1568. Romeo O. Garcia
  1569. Eugene Gambol
  1570. Chloe de los Reyes
  1571. Genesis Lastrella-Quicho
  1572. Luis Enrique Flores
  1573. Ron Espiritu, Ethnic Studies Educator
  1574. William Kuang
  1575. Ally Pardo
  1576. Maddie Kellogg
  1577. Tara Shelton
  1578. Kyu Lee
  1579. Graham Cruickshank
  1580. Rodrigo Valles, Santa Ana College
  1581. Rowena M. Tomaneng
  1582. Laurie Hughes, teacher JUHSD
  1583. Denise Boulter
  1584. Lailan Sandra Huen, Oakland Unified School District
  1585. Shiela Ferrer
  1586. Sandra So Hee Chi Kim, Asian American Justice + Innovation Lab
  1587. Alina Aguilar
  1588. Katie Quan
  1589. Nat H.N. Low, Ph.D.
  1590. Vinay Lal, UCLA Faculty
  1591. Christian Macahilig
  1592. Chris Lee, UCLA Asian American Studies Center
  1593. Hector Hernandez, Hero Tent, L.U.N.A.
  1594. Karen Mestizo, HERO Tent
  1595. Rupini Kamat
  1596. Brian Parkman
  1597. Elizabeth Agramont-Justiniano
  1598. Lucia Ruiz-Salguero, Hero Tents, Working Partnerships USA, San Jose Conversation Corps
  1599. Tyler Morgan, H.E.R.O. Tent
  1600. Delma Hernandez
  1601. Dr. Naomi Querubin Abesamis
  1602. Eli Davies
  1603. Kiana Simmons, Human Empowerment Radical Optimism (H.E.R.O. Tent) 
  1604. Michael Manalo-Pedro
  1605. Jimena Damián
  1606. Jiyoun Park
  1607. Minah Kashani
  1608. Hatim Saifee, B.A. UC Davis
  1609. Isa Hoffman
  1610. Maria Lourdes Nocedal-Geaga
  1611. Dima Musa
  1612. MV Candelaria
  1613. Brandon Chin
  1614. Jelissa Cecile Alota
  1615. Kiana Javier, Kappa Psi Epsilon Delta Chapter
  1616. LoRayne Ortega
  1617. Mariah Manibusan 
  1618. Monica Simeon
  1619. Kiara Maxino
  1620. Alyssa Garana, Samahang Pilipino Education and Retention | Kappa Psi Epsilon Delta Chapter
  1621. Ian Licata
  1622. Brandon Diniz
  1623. Rebecca Royston, Pajaro Valley Unified Educator
  1624. Marina Anglo
  1625. Vivian Nguyen
  1626. Edith Ruiz
  1627. Chris Abelgas
  1628. Angelique Pacleb, Kappa Psi Epsilon, Beta Chapter
  1629. Leila Malikyar, Lecturer at SFSU
  1630. Gopal Dayaneni, SFSU
  1631. Janice Tanemura, SFSU Lecturer
  1632. Leora Kava, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, SFSU
  1633. Daisy Cabus
  1634. Jaimy Magdalena Mann, SFSU
  1635. Anoushka Takla
  1636. Andrea Foggy-Paxton, Social Studies Accelerator
  1637. Stacey Greer
  1638. Radhika Kirkman
  1639. Janette Islas
  1640. Rachel Hitchcock
  1641. Sylvia Qualls
  1642. Phillippe Fernandez-Brennan, PhD Student; Tinalak Advisory Council; Pamantasan Council (University of Hawai’i at Mānoa)
  1643. Ivee Cruz
  1644. Melissa Nunan-Lew
  1645. Hazel Benigno, PsyD
  1646. Rose Lynn Abesamis-Bell, Sama Sama Cooperative
  1647. Esteban Ortiz
  1648. Jowy-Jhan Curameng
  1649. Oriel María Siu
  1650. Samantha Torres, MPH, PhD student at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
  1651. Doaa Hesham
  1652. Maya Campbell-Unsoeld, Teacher, PVUSD
  1653. Christopher Webb
  1654. Nicole Martínez
  1655. Kevin Casasola
  1656. Danny Diaz, Ed.D. 

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