Competitive Registration Form
This form is used to register swimmers for membership with Northern TRIBS Swimming (NTS): stroke school, age groups, junior, and senior level swimming at any of our locations. Swimmers are expected to practice as many days a week as possible wherever practice is provided for their specific group, i.e. specific groups may practice Friday and Saturday in Potsdam and these members are expected to attend.
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Photo: Leon at Shark Summer Invite - July 2018
Group Information
Tell us where, when and what group you plan to join
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Swimmers should practice at the nearest available venue or travel to the alternate location when optional
Season *
After beginning a season, swimmers are expected to complete the remainder of that season.
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Comments or special requests
Individuals may save $10 per section when registering for 3 or more sections at a time. Additionally, there is a 10% family reduction for 2 kids, 15% for 3, and 20% for 4 or more.
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