Tennessee Pirate Fest 2021--Audition Form
Thank you for being interested in auditioning as part of the Royal Players street character ensemble. The Royal Players is an acting troupe that rehearses and then perform as costumed characters on show days in a loosely scripted outdoor play. Experience in theatre or hospitality to audition is not required to audition, but it helps. Please answer the following questions so we can get to know you better. Thanks! --Barrie Paulson, VP/Director
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What do you like to be called? (no character names) *
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Weight? (or general description)
Age? (Mature minors might be considered, if accompanied by a participating adult.) *
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If new, what is your Facebook name? If cast, Barrie will send you a friend request and then add you to the private Royal Players group for cast updates. If don't have one yet, put NA.
Why are you interested in being in the Tennessee Pirate Fest? *
This is a physical show. Do you have any physical issues? If yes, please briefly explain. *
Are you outgoing and friendly? Please rate yourself from 0 to 10. *
Are you good at improvisation? Please rate yourself from 0 to 10. *
Are you good at theatre acting? Please rate yourself from 0 to 10. *
Can you sing? Please rate yourself from 0 to 10. *
Are you good at movement? (dance, athletics, etc.) Please rate yourself from 0 to 10. *
Are you good at choreographed staged combat? Please rate yourself from 0 to 10. *
Staged combat
Do you have professional fighting certification(s), levels, or awards--outside of training we provide? *
List the weapons do you have training / experience? *
Do you have the ability and are you willing to take our direction? *
What side would you like to be on? *
What social class would you like to be? *
For which named character(s) would you like to be considered? (Put NA if you do not have a preference.) *
Will you accept another character, if offerred? *
Are you willing to put together a costume and footwear for the character with our guidance? *
Being cast in the Royal Players is primarily for the opportunity to train and perform not for financial compensation. *
I am available for Rehearsals most Saturdays from Feb-April from 2-5p ET (at 150 Culton Ln, Kingston, TN). (Due to Covid, some rehearsals will be online or in small groups.) You will be asked to list your conflicts below. *
Please select the Dress Rehearsals (onsite at 550 Fiske Rd, Harriman, TN) that you will be available to attend. Must attend at least 2 or 3 dress rehearsals to perform in the show. *
Please select all the Show Days you will be able to perform. Gates are open from 11-6p ET. Actors must be there all show days from 10a-6:30p, unless a special arrangement has been made with management. *
List all conflict dates. Put NA if don't have any. *
Do you have any questions, concerns, or anything else we should know about? *
If new but not on Facebook, please email a recent selfie after you send in this form to DarkhorseLLC@comcast.net.
If new, how did you hear about Auditions?
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