IGNG Manager Application
***This is one of the key positions at IGNG***
The job is remote, full time, and you have the possibility of choosing your own working hours.


The job requires


Here is the application for the IGNG manager position. :)

Please fill it in, in the most honest way and include a link to your Loom recording recording as well.

We ask all candidates to record a short video of themselves explaining why they would like to take on the position + tell us about themselves and about their own projects.

NOTE: If you don't include a loom recording then we will disregard the whole application

We use Loom on a daily basis at MySooty and it's incredible easy and fast to use.

You can simply download the chrome extension, and start recording whenever you are ready.

Loom recording:

Free download: https://www.useloom.com/
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