Thank you for your participation in BoomShake. There are 4 sections to this enrollment form. The first and fourth section are required and the other sections optional. Please complete or as little or as much as you like. We would love to get as much information from you to help us continue to build a supportive and progressive community.

Section 1- Participant Information
Section 2- Get Involved (if you have skills that you want to contribute to BoomShake, please let us know)
Section 3- Your Music & Culture (share with us about you/your family to help build a more culturally relevant program)
Section 4- Participant Waiver & Disclaimers

Thank you!!

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How do you Boom & Shake?
What tools work best for you to remember and practice new skills? Improve? Do you want feedback from the facilitators about your playing? What is the best way to give you feedback?
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