Support Women in the United States Aikido Federation
Update/clarification (9/29/19): This petition was neither generated nor sanctioned by the USAF. To avoid any confusion, we, the originators of the petition, are changing our name from the USAF Women's Coalition to the Independent Coalition of USAF Women.

With love for the Martial Art of Aikido, and deep gratitude and respect for our teachers and mentors, we the undersigned, as concerned members of the United States Aikido Federation, urge the USAF Board, Technical Committee, and leadership to act now to fully support women in the USAF organization.

Women Aikidoka are a vital part of the leadership, membership and revenue in USAF dojos. Yet, through limitation of women’s involvement in the power structure of the USAF organization and limitation of women's visibility as instructors:
1. Women do not develop to their full potential.
2. Talented women are lost to other more inclusive organizations and even from Aikido itself.
3. We lose the valuable and unique input of women, which benefits everyone in the organization.

Specifically, we seek:
A. Recognition that gender equity is a valid issue that needs exploration in the USAF through a Gender Equity Task Force.
B. Representation in USAF structures as well as USAF activities/seminars at least proportional to member population.
C. Removal of barriers to the advancement of women, at all levels of practice.
D. A change in the Technical Committee structure to include women on the Technical Committee.
E. Transparency, including publication of statistics about gender in the USAF.

The Independent Coalition of USAF Women (formerly known as The USAF Women's Coalition)
Janice Taitel Shidoin, yondan, Aikido Center of Dover
Claire Keller Shidoin, rokudan, Bushwick Dojo
Arielle Herman Fukushidoin, nidan, Rivertide Aikikai
Alesia Kunz Fukushidoin, godan, San Francisco Aikikai
Lynne Morrison Shidoin, godan, (anonymous until 10/14/19)
Kali Hewitt-Blackie Shidoin, yondan, Regent Park Community Aikido (withdrew 10/4/19)
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