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Thank you for expressing your interest in the Chirp Ambassador role. Chirp greatly values its vibrant community, especially the dedicated few who consistently go the extra mile. As a Chirp Ambassador, you will be at the forefront, championing the cause and playing a pivotal role in our project's trajectory. Before you apply, please check that you have met all the prerequisites and are ready to show us why you're the right fit.
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For Content Creator 

Submit links to at least three pieces of previously published content that aligns with Chirp's values and educates the community.

For meetup organizer

Host a minimum of two meetups based on Chirp-related themes within the past three months. Provide proof of previous events to qualify.


Demonstrate active participation in Chirp's online channels, such as Twitter, Telegram, Discord or other social media platforms.


Translate and publish a minimum of 3,000 words related to Chirp content. Publish your translations on medium with hashtags and share your translations on Reddit, Discord, Twitter with hashtags and Telegram.


Demonstrated history of being an active member. Ability to perform due diligence, ensuring quality and accuracy. Provide unbiased and constructive feedback for submitted work.

Note: Reviewers are chosen from experienced ambassadors who exhibit a clear understanding of Chirp's principles and a commitment to maintaining the program's quality. Reviewers ensure that the content submitted by fellow ambassadors aligns with Chirp's mission and accurately represents its capabilities. Their role is essential in maintaining the program's integrity and effectiveness.

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