University of Cincinnati Invitational Registration
Submitting the following form registers your school for the 2020 University of Cincinnati Invitational on January 18, 2020. Note: you only need to submit this form once per school (as opposed to once per team). There is a $50 registration fee per team.

As a first-year invite, we may ask coaches to event supervise or write tests! Be on the lookout for emails regarding that information. Our test writers and exam review committee members include college students from across the country, including CalTech, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, and other colleges.

There will be a $100 fee for any teams that withdraw after November 10, 2019. This system is in place to ensure that teams admitted off the waitlist have adequate notice in advance and to encourage general commitment to attending our tournament. If you are unable to attend due to extenuating circumstances, then this fee may be waived.

Head coaches will receive email confirmation upon submitting the registration form. If confirmation has not been received within 48 hours, please email us at

If you have any questions or concerns about attending our tournament, please contact We're looking forward to seeing you in Cincinnati!
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For the purposes of this form, the head coach is the adult that handles your team administrative duties for competitions, even if they are not the "official" head coach.
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