Class of 2019 Senior Survey
Congratulations!!! You are about to leave the Halls of Aloha to take that next great step into the future! We wish you all the best and hope that you will stay in touch! The purpose of this survey is to gather information that may be useful as we teach and prepare the next round of students for life beyond AHS. The information asked for in this survey will only be used at Aloha High School for statistical and educational purposes and to HONOR YOU during senior events!


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What do you plan to be doing in the fall of 2019? *
Please list what you PLAN to be doing this coming fall. We understand that you may change your mind, but please answer this question to the best of your ability. What will you most likely be doing by September 2018? If you check "Other", please explain your answer. Please check just ONE answer! Thank you!
If you are attending college in the fall, what is the name of the school? *
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If you are not headed to college, can you tell us why?
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Oregon Promise *
Did you apply for the Oregon Promise?
Did you apply for financial aid? *
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Did you receive and grants and/or scholarships for college? *
Did you participate in one of our instant admission days at Aloha? *
We had some colleges come to Aloha to admit students instantly. They included, Western, Oregon State, Portland State, and PCC and where held in the CCC
How often did you use the CCC for help? *
Communications! *
What was the best way to reach you with important information?
Got advice? *
What advice and words of wisdom do you have for the 9th through 11th grade students as you leave? Think about what you wish you had known then that you know now. Your thoughtful and insightful comments are greatly appreciated and help us to help them.
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Help us... *
Please let us know how we did. If there is something that you wish the CCC or the Counseling department had done to help you with the college application process we would love to hear about it. Help us improve! If we did something right let us know that too!
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Thank you for your answers!
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