VB Summit 2017 | Berkeley | Call for speakers
VentureBeat | October 23 & 24, 2017 | Berkeley, CA

Astonishing progress in AI and machine learning has unleashed a new wave of product innovation across the digital world. It’s transforming our devices and software, making them much smarter, and giving us augmented intelligence too. Corporate success will depend on your organization adapting immediately.

VentureBeat Summit is an intimate experience where growth executives – senior marketers, product developers, IT professionals, and entrepreneurs - exchange strategies around the hottest trend of the day, so that they can stay ahead.

- Commerce: How AI is transforming the explosive mobile commerce industry.
- Social: Your social strategy needs to adapt, because Facebook, Twitter and others are implementing AI that recognizes images, videos, voice, and other content to surface material in different ways to your users.
- Marketing: The key AI trends and technologies brands will want to stay abreast of to maintain digital marketing leadership.
- The new leaders: AI has spawned exciting large platforms like Facebook's Bots for Messenger, and voice recognition offerings like Amazon’s Alexa/Echo, Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Microsoft’s Cortana. Which of them are leaders to bet on?
- Customer service: AI lets companies recognize customer problems and identify patterns by analyzing data much more quickly. How much opportunity and success can come from exploring new, engaging platforms like bots?
- A deeper look at massive areas of AI being disrupted: Photo and video filtering (Facebook Prisma), healthcare (Deep Genomics, Grand Rounds), fintech (Quantopian, Neurensic) and security (Feedzai, Sift Science).
- App economy: Why is AI is transforming the mobile app economy, and how is that economy adapting.
- AI & Design: Is AI the future of UX, now that interacting with intelligent software and devices – be it at home, work, in the car, or on the go – becomes more natural, intuitive and intelligent?

- There is no fee to apply or speak at the event.
- VentureBeat does not pay for travel for speakers.
- Speakers will receive a complimentary pass to the event
- Space is limited. Apply early.

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