Exalted Member Application
This is the application to become a member of the Exalted community. Becoming a member of Exalted welcomes you into an environment built upon the principles of collaboration and continuous learning. Membership provides you with access to like-minded individuals who can provide you with critical feedback to inspire creativity and innovation. Additionally, being a member of Exalted also provides you with opportunities to get into higher tier build teams.
Discord name and Minecraft in-game name
Please enter your Discord name and, if applicable, your Minecraft in-game username. The Discord name is mandatory and must include the tag (#****) to ensure we can send you an invitation to Exalted if your application is accepted. To ensure ease of contact by a member of the Exalted server, please be a member of the Builders Refuge Discord server.
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Minecraft in-game name
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What talent/talents are you basing your application on? These talents might include designer, artist, developer or any other talent related to Minecraft Marketplace content creation.
Talent(s) *
Please provide evidence including portfolio links alongside twitter links if applicable. It is mandatory you place evidence here that shows you are both the owner of this work and that you have a certain level of talent. Failure to do this will result in immediate application denial.
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About yourself
Is there any additional information about yourself that you would like to include? Things you could put here might include information about previous teams/commitments or a bit about your motives and passion behind why you do this work.
About yourself
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