Zoom Q&A Session
Campbelltown Theatre Group will be offering a Zoom session with the production team.
This session is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about the COVID Safe audition process.

- Log into the session by 6:55 pm so we can start at 7:00 pm on the do.
- Upon your arrival in the session, your microphone will be placed on mute. Please do not unmute your microphone unless you are instructed to by your host.
- The meeting will be monitored by the Production Manager who will direct all questions to the appropriate Production Team member to answer.
- The chat function will be available for you to use to ask questions. Alternately, you may raise your hand and wait until the production manager has called upon you to unmute and ask your question.
- Please ensure that if your camera is turned on that you are wearing appropriate attire for a meeting. If you are worried about the appropriateness of your background, there are options to blur the background or add your own.
- Please do not share the Zoom link with anyone else. Due to the strict limit on participants, only those with the link are entitled to attend. Information from this session will be shared

1) This session will be capped at 90 participants.
2) This form will close at 12:00pm on Tuesday, 29th September 2020.
3) A link to the session will be emailed to you on Tuesday, 29th September 2020 by 2:00 pm. Please ensure that the email you enter is correct.

When: Tuesday, 28th September 2020
Time: 7:00pm
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