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Hello! Human Restoration Project is excited to unveil its Teacher Action Research Cohort, a unique opportunity to engage in reflective practice with your students, families, and peers.

In this semester-long (September-December) course, you will learn the methodology of teacher action research through live, asynchronous, and LMS-delivered coursework. We will detail progressive pedagogies, such as critical pedagogy, gradeless learning, restorative justice, and social justice initiatives, with the goal of changing systems within our classrooms.

The teacher action research process consists of...
1. Gathering pedagogical knowledge through research.
2. Interviewing students for their perspective through empathy mapping.
3. Strategic planning to avoid burnout and promote efficacy.
4. Gathering evidence of “learning in action.”
5. Reflecting and publishing your findings.

Throughout this process, we will consistently offer feedback and help guide you toward your objective. We want all students to benefit from this process.

At the end of this cohort, you will earn an embeddable Human Restoration Project Progressive Education Microcredential, showcasing what you’ve created for professional development certification and/or resume building. Further, your research will be published.

This opportunity is entirely free for our initial group. Although our microcredential platform is entirely free, this guided experience will not be free in the future. We plan on taking 10 teachers in our initial group, prioritizing a variety of perspectives.

The time allotment for this PD is roughly 1-3 hours per week, including ~1 hour every other weekend. However, most of this time is blended with what you would normally do in your planning (e.g. reflecting, speaking with students.)

If you have any questions before submitting, please let us know (chris@humanrestorationproject.org) You will receive more information prior to confirming your place in this cohort.
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Selection Process
At the beginning of September, we will email all respondents and confirm their participation in our cohort. From there, everyone will receive an email on their status for the Fall. Our goal is to maximize the number of perspectives from various regions and school scenarios.

Please let us know if you have any questions!
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