Peter Lougheed Hall Roommate Agreement 2019-2020
University of Alberta -- Peter Lougheed Hall Residence 2019-2020

NOTE: Please complete this agreement together with your roommate(s) by September 16, 2019, or two weeks after you move into your new unit.

The Agreement is between the residents of the room specified, and in the event of conflict, will form the basis of Residence Services response. In signing this agreement, each resident understands and acknowledges that their roommates each have the following rights:

• To live in a clean room;
• To sleep and study without unnecessary disturbances from noise, guests, or other disruptions;
• To host guests with the expectation that guests are to respect the rights of the roommate and other residents;
• To expect that a roommate, and his or her guests, will respect others' belongings;
• To free access to one’s room and facilities without pressure from a roommate;
• To address and respond to grievances;
• To a degree of personal privacy;
• To be free from fear, intimidation, physical and/or emotional harm and racial or sexual harassment;
• To be free from peer pressure or ridicule if one’s lifestyles choices differ from their roommates’

A Roommate Agreement must:

• Be completed with all residents in the unit present
• Allow for discussion of points between all residents in the unit
• Be agreed upon by all residents in the unit
• Be revisited and redone whenever a resident moves out or into the unit
• Be accessible to all residents living in the unit (by sending a copy of the responses to all members of the unit via email and/or printing it off and posting it inside the unit).

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Breaking the Ice: A Roommate Discussion Guide
Starting conversations with someone you know very little about can be awkward and difficult. Here are some suggested topics to help get the conversation flowing!

• Hometown & high school
• My family includes...
• The best thing about home is...
• My friends back home...
• My exposure to people from other cultures / countries
• Before coming to the U of A, I was most involved in...
• High school activities
• I came to university because...
• I plan to major in...
• When I first meet people, I...
• What is your perspective on religion?
• What kind of music, movies and tv shows do you like?
• What habits do we each have that we should know about?
• What are you like in a good mood? Bad mood?
• What do you do when you're feeling down?
• When would you prefer to be left alone?
• What annoys you?
• What makes you laugh?
• How do you relax?
• How will someone know if you're angry or upset?
• What do you need for privacy?
• What conditions do you study the best in?
• An important similarity between us may be...
• An important difference between us may be...
• Smoking and drinking habits (including cannabis use)
• I think we might have to compromise on...
• I look forward to learning more about...
• We should talk more about...
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