Student Appraisal of Teacher

Please give your frank opinion on the teacher’s ability on the following skills:

Rate the teacher using the following 5 -point scale.
Excellent= 5 , Good =between 3 and 4 , satisfactory = between 2 and 3 ,
Unsatisfactory= less than 1

Name Of the College *
Name of the lecturer : *
1 Preparation for the class
2. Punctuality in conducting classes. *
1 = Very disatisfied 5 = Very satisfied
3.Planning and completion of the syllabus on time *
4. Clarity of Presentation (ideas, concepts, explanation, etc *
5.Clarity of Expression like language and voice
Both presented and pre-read material
6.Methodology used to impart the knowledge (Use of blackboard, charts, teaching aids, etc.)
7. Active learning methodology used like Group discussion, Tutorials, Assignments and Seminars, field visit, quiz etc.
8.Availability to students outside class hours for clarification, counseling, career guidance, etc
9.His/Her role as a leader Mentor/ Motivator/ Guide/Facilitator/Counselor
10.The examinations/ assignments were graded fairly
Course *
Year *
Academic Year *
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