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Art Commissions are currently {OPEN}
1. What type of artwork do you want? *
(These are Base Prices and Examples)
2. How many characters do you want in your commission? *
(+50% of base price per character depending on your answer to Question 1.)
3. How much of the character(s) do you want to see? *
4. What kind of background do you want? *
5. Would you like variant images? *
(Prices vary depending on complexity and number of variants)
6. Would you like multiple images? (Set/Comic) *
Set/Comic meaning different angles/positions/scene progression. Total Price x Number of Panels - 20% = Comic Price is rounded down to nearest 5 (E.g. $49 becomes $45)
7. Are you OK for your commission to be shown publicly? *
(Such as being streamed during the creation process and being displayed on the artist's pages)
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Terms & Conditions
- Payment will be done via PayPal
- At the beginning, the artist begins the roughs concept stage. Upon confirmation that the client approves the rough sketch,
half of the payment will be deposited.
- If major changes to the whole drawing need to be made (e.g. Change of pose, different concept), the client will be
charged extra (depending on stage of drawing) to compensate for artists time.
- The artist reserves the right to also decline during the rough stage.
- Upon completion of the linework, the remaining amount must be paid.
- The artist reserves the right to refuse a commission.
- The artist reserves the right to refuse to start/continue work on a commission should the client act disrespectfully.
Thank you for your business, you shall receive correspondence soon to discuss particulars.
To help the artist, please have a reference image of the character(s) at the ready to provide to them.
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