Valhalla Berserkers - Mythic Raiding Application
Thank you for expressing interest in joining the Valhalla Berserker Mythic Raid Team! Please fill out this form and one of the officers will be in touch with you soon. 

If you haven't please also join our Discord:
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What is your main character's name? *
What class/spec are you planning to main in Mythic Raiding? *
Do you have any alts that you keep relatively raid ready? (e.g., Decent iLvl, can play the class to a Mythic Raid level) *
We expect raiders to regularly attend raid. We raid Thursdays, Sundays, and Mondays from 8:00 PM - 10:30 PM AEST. Can you commit to these days and times?  *
We expect all raiders to put in the effort and have the attitude for achieving CE. In terms of effort, we expect knowledge of the fights (i.e., watching POVs, boss guides, reviewing logs, asking questions) and in terms of attitude, we expect raiders to be open to feedback. Are you willing to commit to these expectations? *
Can you commit to a whole tier? (Understandably, real-life things do occur, which we can discuss at a later point in time, but as of now, can you commit to a whole tier?)  *
Please provide us with your most recent logs. *
Please provide us with a screenshot of your UI. (Ideally whilst raiding - you can upload to imgur or a similar website and post link below) *
Do you have any WoW/personal achievements that you are particularly proud of? 
What is your discord tag? (For us to contact you on) *
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