Ukie Members Day: Industry Champion Awards Form
On Ukie's 30th birthday, we intend to award six individuals who have made a major contribution to our industry in the past thirty years, or could be set to shape its future.

The six award categories are Business Champion, Culture Champion, Education Champion, Diversity Champion, Unsung Hero and Future Leader.

You can nominate an individual by providing us with their name, their company (if applicable) and a short description of why you think they should win the award below.

You have until the 28th of August to nominate. If you have any questions, please email for more information.
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The six awards categories explained
You can nominate your nominee for one of the following categories

• Business Champion.
An individual who has made a significant contribution to the business of games in the UK over the past thirty years e.g. founding key businesses, growing a cluster, championing a part of our economy or driving forward a key policy achievement that supported business.

• Culture Champion.
A figure who has made a noted and sustained cultural contribution for the industry e.g. pioneering games exhibitions, contributing to industry culture through games or business, leading a landmark cultural initiative.

• Diversity Champion.
An individual who has promoted and led meaningful diversity initiatives over the past thirty years.

• Unsung Hero.
Someone who has made a major contribution to the sector but whose contribution has gone unheralded. It might be because they fill a role effectively, because they keep themselves to themselves or because they've consistently made a quiet contribution to industry success.

• Education Champion.
Highlighting a major contributor to education and skills development within the games industry. This could be within the education system itself, in industry training schemes or elsewhere.

• Future Leader.
This award will be given to a potential future industry leader. Already have amassed an outstanding track record of success, but also identified as a leader within our sector for years to come.

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