2020 TXIAF Sponsorship Application
Thank you for considering donating to the 2020 Texas International Archery Festival!

Festival Purpose:
The TXIAF was created to celebrate history and culture from all over the world, celebrating our love of archery throughout the ages. The Festival will feature both Horseback and Ground archery competition, live entertainment including; music, cultural demonstrations, martial combat, and educational talks; a full vendor faire, camping, food, alcohol, and more. We invite competitors from all over the world to participate in this unique event. All archers with a love of history are welcome!

Whether you are a business or individual, whether considering a monetary, performance, or product sponsorship, we thank you!

Sponsorship Benefits: All sponsors are offered a spot on the TXIAF website and Social Media. We are happy to provide more sponsorship benefits depending on your company needs.

Non-Profit Associations:
The Eastern Contingent, and through them the TXIAF, feel strongly that it is our duty to support the local community, and archers of all disciplines. As such, our events serve to provide education and resources to local Non-Profits whose missions align with our own. Below are listed the two Non-Profits benefiting from the 2020 TXIAF:

Central Texas Archery: (https://centraltexasarchery.org/) provides education and instruction for archers of all disciplines. Part of the proceeds of the festival will go to CTA to help further their endeavors to develop and support the local archery community.
CTA Mission Statement: "It is our mission to educate youth and adults in the sport of archery, to foster national and international amateur archery competition and support and develop amateur athletes for national or international archery competition. We also strive to create a safe and fun place to promote archery in the community."
Direct Donation Page: https://centraltexasarchery.org/donors

Knights of the Grail: (http://www.knightsofthegrail.org/) provides equine therapy for veterans/first responders. Through work with the horses, they help VETERANS and ACTIVE DUTY personnel who have helped us have freedom. Their members learn various aspects of the Knightly Games featured during the Sherwood Forest Faire Season each year.
Direct Donation Page: http://www.knightsofthegrail.org/index.cfm?fa=donate
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