Halloween Flash Fiction Sale
So, thought some small, cheap stories might be fun for Halloween.


Event begins Oct. 1, 2020 at 12AM PST.
Event ends Nov. 1, 2020 at 12AM PST

Ideas offered MUST be able to fit into 1k. Ideas must be clearly Halloween themed. Ideas may not contain: glorified bigotry, sexualized abortion. Beyond those two, everything is on the table so long as it's within the theme.

This is $10 for 1k, a 30% discount on regular rates. Payment is on completion of stories.

Angel Rates apply to this sale at 20% additional off sale rates. If you don't know what that is, you don't have it, don't ask.

Only one idea will be selected per customer. Customers are limited to submitting two ideas in total. There is no guarantee that your idea will be chosen for a slot. You will be notified if you are selected.

Stories are for publication only, however anonymous publication is available. If you wish to be anonymous, please notate that below. Your username, Discord handle, or email are required for delivery.

Story ideas that are not selected will be deleted at the end of the event. If you wish to retain the concept, please save a personal copy of the idea, as this form will not be retained beyond the event. You will not be notified if your idea is not selected, unless the author has a specific interest in the idea, but it is too large. Please do not message the author asking if your idea will be/why your idea was not selected, EXCEPT: If your story is not selected after the event is complete and you wish to directly commission the idea at regular rates and available slot sizes, that is fine, but still subject to author interest.

There will be special slots set aside for these stories, notated as HF2. There will be a maximum of four slots at any time, with the slots being filled with the next selection as stories are completed and delivered. An attempt will be made to complete at least 2 stories a week, but there is no guarantee on that.

Customers retain any and all rights to any and all original characters/world-building they offer/create for the event. Author may choose to retain ownership of any original characters/world-building created solely by the author for the event.
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